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A Complete Knowledge Of Healthcare Monitoring Software

We are living in an era of technology. Since the internet has entered our life, our life and daily needs changed completely. From our leisure period, and media consumption to our medical condition all is now based upon the Internet and technology.

The latest trend in this section is software. With the software doctor and patient remain on the same page. The Healthcare industry entirely shifted its feature to modern-day trends. In fact, they investing more in healthcare solutions development services and remote patient monitoring.

In this article, we will know what is healthcare software and the development guidance of this software.

What Is Healthcare Software?

Healthcare software is one kind of application, which is developed to use in the healthcare industry. It will offer us various types of medical solutions. It is used at the time of diagnosis, and the time of patient treatment.

Healthcare software is generally developed for patient help and gives them the best quality of service and friendly experience. In other words, they will feel the amiable atmosphere and keep faith in the hospital.

Software Growing Fast To Capture The Market

In just the last six years healthcare software is expected to grow by a 30% jump in the market. In fact, in 2018 the value of healthcare information software is USD 21 billion to USD 32 billion by 2024. Moreover, it is still growing exponentially.

Only the healthcare software grew doubled in the last six years. It will achieve USD 8.2 billion by 2023. And healthcare software development creates a massive buzz in the whole technology market.

The Big Four Entrance In The Market

Everybody knows “The Big Four” of the US. they are Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple. These big four already used their expertise in the healthcare sector to revolute with the multi-trillion dollars health industry.

They are filing a total of 313 patients between 2013 to 2017.


Google leads the industry with its parent company Alphabet. It has taken almost 186 patents. They are leading generally with AI and big data solutions. From diagnosis to insurance they are leveraging in each sector.


Apple patents almost 54 files. Apple mainly plays in the area of software and hardware department.  They are also developing a medical device and “patient-facing products”


Amazon also put its expertise in the logistics department to enter healthcare. It also partners with some other companies to develop healthcare software. It offers 647,000 employees and their families an affordable and transparent medical facility.


And lastly, we are coming to the point of Microsoft. The company files 73 patents. However, Microsoft breaks the mainstream media news channel with the heartwarming Project Emma. it is a medical device developed for hand tremors patients in partnership with Parkinson’s.

Features of Healthcare Software

●     Doctor Consultation

If you feel unwell you need to go to your doctor. With this app, you can consult with your doctor without leaving your comfort place.

●     Track Your Step

This app will keep your walk track. How many steps you go, it will count and keep all the records.

●     Monitor Your Diet

In the time of illness, diet is the most important thing, this app will keep tracking what you are eating and how many calories you take.

●     Water Tracker

We all know how much water is important to us. The toxic element of our body removes through hydration. This app will let you know how much money you drink and after a certain time, it will keep reminding you to drink money.

●     Sleep Tracker

A night of deep sleep will need for everyone to feel fresh in the body and mind. So, this health monitoring app will keep your sleep tracking.

●     Medicine Reminder

Any patient needs to take their medicine on time. A health monitoring app will ensure this process by an alert.

●     Dedicating Videos

Some software provides dedicating videos of working out, yoga, and many health-related tips and many more.

●     Chatbox

Monitoring apps provide a chatbox for customers. If the customer has any problem with the app, he/she can quickly go to the chatbox and get a solution for it.


The healthcare industry is growing and changing. However the big four dominate the market of the healthcare industry, but the market is still open for newcomers. Moreover, the local players played in the market more.

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