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Helpmonks for Increasing Efficiency of Sales & Customer Support Teams

One of the biggest challenges sales and customer support executives are facing today is unorganized emails, due to which the overall organizational productivity cannot be taken to the next level.

Keeping a track of who is to answer which email and when is laborious, where it is toughest for managers, also affects the response time and may result as lost customers.

So, if you are worried, because your sales team is not efficiently answering emails and they are even missing out on sales opportunities, it’s time to get Helpmonks.

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Simply sets up a team email account to start with. Then add your team and organize and prioritize emails by assigning them to team members, archiving important conversations or closing completed inquiries. Keep track of customers and companies.

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I am sure, this is your big trouble resolved; but Helpmonks has a lot more to help your business grow. The Team Collaboration feature allows you to collaborate on customer emails with embedded notes right in Helpmonks. These embedded notes can only be seen by you and the team.

Collaborate on customer emails with embedded notes which only you and your team to see. You can also set reminders to bring email conversations back to your attention when you’re ready.

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The seamless integration lets you use Helpmonks within your current email setup; it’s compatible with all major email clients.

Yes, it is a paid service, but when compared to the benefits that it brings, you won’t feel as if you are paying anything.

Do try the 14 days free trial to know the full benefits!

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Helpmonks in Their Own Words:

Helpmonks provides a shared inbox solution to handle team emails efficiently. Handle your customers, sales and support emails with our easy to use email management software. Helpmonks is the only team email management solution that has an intelligent collaborative email management approach. It empowers you to take control of your team emails!


What Brings Helpmonks to the Spotlight:

It improves team collaboration, increases team efficiency and boosts organizational productivity.


Helpmonks Website:

Join Our Small Business Community

Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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