HenesiZ; Free Crowd Media App Focused on What People Personally Care About

By bringing the ease of access over all kinds of information internet has revolutionized the world. People can stay updated with the global happenings in real time. With so many news channels, live streaming and social media activity, you know what’s happening where in the world.

But, so far there’s no good platform that shows the localized primary sources video, eyewitness video without comment and processing. News channels and social media may show a morphed story, based on their own interest, and so the localized independent journalism is dying.

HenesiZ attempts to address the issue in most appropriate manner. The on-demand local news platform allows users to stay updated with what happens next to them and what they personally care about.

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On the other hand, it offers independent journalists to easily showcase their work by creating editorial assignments and shooting local videos for local HenesiZ users.

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That’s not all about HenesiZ, you will find life hacks, guides, tips, video instructions and more. You can also ask for professional advice or assistance of the audience!

And yes, if you yourself know about something that can make the lives of other people more, you’ve the opportunity to tell them about it!

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HenesiZ in Their Own Words:

HenesiZ – News on Demand. Free Crowd Media App. There are the most important local news free mobile application: what happens next to everyone, what we personally care about, video story of a family, relatives and friends, personal video news as seen by witnesses, travel and unusual places. It is the real on-line story of our time and the liberty of speech. This is the personal assistant for mobile reporters.


What Brings HenesiZ to the Spotlight:

It gives you actual freedom of speech!


HenesiZ Website: http://henesiz.com/