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What Are The 5 Elements That All High-Converting Landing Pages Have In Common?

Designing a winning landing page is hard work.

There’s so much to consider and so much time and investment that goes into making the perfect page, and if it doesn’t work, well, it can quickly feel like you’re back to square one and starting over.

This is not a cycle you want to get stuck in.

Instead, one of the best things you can learn is how to create seamless landing pages that produce high conversion rates consistently. And never fear, this isn’t some far-off voodoo magic. You can think about some key elements every time that will help you achieve just that.

And five of these are what we’re focusing on today!

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#1 – Defining Your USP

First things first, and I know this may feel basic, but it’s so important that we can’t ignore it.

Define your Unique Selling Point.

You need to have your USP clear in your mind because this is what the entirety of your landing page is going to be founded around. The chances are there are dozens of other businesses out there providing the same or at least a similar product or service as you, but what makes you different?

Why should people come to you?

Do you:

  • Offer a higher quality product?
  • Have better reviews?
  • Have a better customer experience?
  • Have better product aftercare?
  • Have a more beneficial product?
  • Have a better reputation?

Whatever your USP is, have it absolutely clear in your mind before you even think about making your landing pages, and then go from there.

#2 – Imagery Is Key

Next, focus on your images.

Your landing pages have one job and one job only; to sell.

And to sell a product effectively in today’s modern world, people need to be able to clearly see what you’re offering, so take time creating images that get people excited about making purchases. Many people in the marketing world refer to this as the ‘hero shot.’

The shot is that once that landing page loads on someone’s device, they will fall in love with what you’re offering, and they won’t be able to click away without placing an order.

It’s essential you create the best images or videos you can, not just in terms of your main header image, but all the images, icons, vectors, and colors you use on the page. Create the experience your leads want to be a part of.

#3 – Benefits Over Features

While touching on the features of your products is essential, to a degree, it’s more important to focus on the benefits these features provide. Too many landing pages think it’s good enough just to reel off all the features of their products and services and think that’s enough.

But that’s not even the start.

At the end of the day, customers don’t care about features. They care about how these features improve their lives, and a landing page should highlight these pain points and describe how these features will benefit them.

For example, you don’t care that a TV has 4 million pixels. You do care that the image quality looks fantastic. You don’t care that this steak is 21-day aged and smoked.

You care that it’s absolutely delicious. You don’t mind that the gutter cleaning company has a 6-member strong team. You care that the job is done on the same day they start.

Highlight your landing page content benefits, and you’ll see much better results. As a rule of thumb, always make sure your content highlights the value of what you have to offer.

#4 – Don’t Forget Social Proof

A nice quick and easy element now you mustn’t forget when building a landing page, and that’s that you should always include social proof.

Whether you’re adding testimonials, linking to reviews, adding video case studies from customers, or whatever way you can think of to show people that other people have already taken the risk on your business and won, you need to be doing it.

#5 – Work On Your Call To Action

The final point to consider is the most important.

Your CTAs will be the make or break factor as to whether someone will make a purchase, and just having a button like ‘Submit’ or ‘ Order Now’ is simply not good enough these days.

Instead, create some creative content and set up an experience that the customer can ride along. Even a simple switch-up in language and saying something like ‘Begin My Journey’ is way more exciting and way more likely to have someone click that just ‘Go Here.’


While these aren’t the only landing page elements you need to think about, focusing on these five points will give your pages a fantastic boost when it comes to the success of your efforts. Tackle them all and analyze your results and become your own proof!

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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