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High Employee Turnover: 4 Reasons Why Employees Quit

Ordinarily, employee turnover is expensive for any business. This is something that a company goes through typically.

High Employee Turnover: 4 Reasons Why Employees Quit

However, poor management and faults within a company can increase the turnover rates to high levels. As a business owner, the best thing to do is create a working environment that encourages workers.

It is possible to experience a high retention rate when you focus on making a task force well-motivated. Avoid practices such as micromanaging even as you would like to keep things in order, which negatively impact you.

However, it is essential to understand the mind of a typical employer as this helps you know why they quit at some point.

1. Lack of Motivation

Employers need to know that workers can either develop an interest in working or hate the place. What determines where the shift will go are the manager’s efforts in making everyone feel appreciated.

It doesn’t necessarily mean giving praise even to the slightest of roles. Instead, it means an explicit acknowledgment at some point that things are heading in the right direction.

As a manager, recognize the exceptional talents you have around. Make them feel important and worthy of more rewards. Failure to give staff a feeling of appreciation and value will make them look for a better place to feel loved and cherished.

2. Lack of Vacation Leave

In the day-to-day activities of a firm, the workers are at the center of every operation. This makes them ever busy daily.

At some point, this creates monotony and, to some extent, boredom which discourages a worker from continuing offering the services.

As a manager, you need to understand the element of employee’s physical and mental burnout hence offer them leave at some point.

Vacation leave is a proper solution for a company if it wants to make the staff loosen up. Failure to provide your workers with this privilege may trigger them to find another more considerate workplace.

It is easy to make scheduling the yearly leave a simple process when you use the right software as a company. Nowadays, annual leave software tools are easy to use.

Proper planning of vacation leave makes you as a manager distribute the releases well across the year such that you never interfere with the workflow.

3. Work-life Imbalance

We all know what equality means to society. It makes everyone feel as important as the other. The same case applies to the work settings. Treating all employees as a manager should be your strength if you want to retain more workers.

This translates even to the allocation of duties. Avoid situations whereby you overwork specific departments or teams than the others.

It will bring a form of resistance to the feeling-oppressed group hence may end up resigning. When it comes to rewarding and penalizing, do it in a standard way.

This makes every staff feel at the same level as the other. Your wits and expertise in the field need to be accompanied by wisdom, as this is what makes you ever conscious on the subject of fairness.

4. Organizational Instability

A company acts as a home at times. This is because there is a sense of identity and culture that binds everyone together.

An unstable firm in management looks like a family undergoing a divorce where every family member is going through psychological torture.

This makes workers lack faith and trust in their future in the company. Some of them end up resigning and find better places to work in.


As a company manager, it is elemental to look for ways to reduce the high turnover rates. The best practices are through treating the employees well, giving them motivation, and the like.

Failure to do this triggers the urge for them to look for greener pastures. A company will only retain workers more if it caters to the interests of employees more.


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