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18 Highly Demanded Consulting Businesses in Modern Economy

You can become a consultant in any field where you have interest, practical knowledge and expertise, but knowing more and more about your field helps you enhance your course of operation and you may think of expanding in a relevant direction with huge profits.

If you are planning to start your own consultancy firm, certainly you will be offering what you are an expert at, but adding a highly demanded consulting service can not only improve the revenue model of your consulting business, but can also help your startup grow faster, i.e. you may offer one of these services in partnership with another consultant who brings in more business for your firm while you share the costs and so on.

Here is a list of highly demanded consulting businesses around the world. The demand of one particular type of consultancy may not be equal in all the countries, so looking into the country’s business environment will help you making the right decision when it comes to finalize your choice.


1. Accounting Consultancy; every business needs it, no matter how large or small, so starting an accounting company business is surely a good idea not just in a big city, but you can set up a virtual office while running your business from a small town.

2. Marketing Consultancy: every business needs to generate business and so they need to market it in one way or other. You may start with setting up an online marketing company and later have a partner who deals the offline marketing concerns. Do check what it takes to start an online marketing company.

3. Auditing Consultants: From utility bills auditing of small businesses to auditing big accounts of large enterprises, opportunities are everywhere!

4. Business Consulting: every business needs to make more profits and that where they need a business consultants, either to help them strategize the guidelines for business growth or improving organizational productivity.
5. Content Consultancy:  most businessmen and the people on key posts either have trouble writing or don’t have time, so they need a consultant. You may offer documentation services, content marketing services or anything that involves dealing bulk of content.

6. Career Counselors: recession, lack of opportunities, downsizing in corporate and a lot of other happenings are day to day matters that make career life of individuals tough. Helping them make it easier is always sought after.

7. Communication Consultancy: better communication within and across organizations increases productivity and thus organizations need consultancy to make communication better.

8. Technology Consulting: Let it be software or hardware, businesses need to stay upgraded and for advice they need you!
9. Recruitment Consulting: companies need the best talent and optimized workforce, that’s where they need your expertise.

10. Advertising Consultancy: every business is going online because customers are spending more time online, and to make most out of this broad marketing medium they constantly need innovating advertising ideas. Even the grocery stores have their Facebook pages, and they are not the experts in creating innovative ads at their own. Not all of them will be looking for advice, but you know who needs it and there are too many of those!

11. Human Resources Consultants: many of the businesses have people problems and they always will, so you know how they need you! You may be interested in knowing how to help startups using better HR tools for startups and why you must be using a good HR software yourself as an HR consultant.

12. Payroll Consulting: both large and small businesses need to optimize the process of payroll management. In most of the cases they prefer outsourcing, and that’s where your market is!

13. Public Relations: being prominent in the press is one of the challenges for any organization and when they find an expert that actually delivers them the results they get them for life! And you should not be surprised to know that more founders look for killer PR strategy for their startup.

14. Tax Consultants: being a tax consultant can be very lucrative business if you really master the field!

15. Business Plan Writing Consulting: when it comes for startup funding, they need a high impact business plan in written and that’s where you help them.

16. Grants Consulting: if you know how to write a grant proposal, you can name your price.

17. Insurance Consulting: everyone needs insurance, and mostly people do not know which policy to buy, so you are there to help them find the best plan and pricing for them.

18- Franchise Consultants: Businesses planning expansion through franchising need them as well as those planning to buy franchises!


Depending on the demographics and the business culture in your country there may be tens of blooming ideas for consulting business. The above list is based on the generic business needs across the world.

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