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Highly Paid Jobs that Require Little to No Experience in 2022

Are you a graduate and still floundering to find an applicable job? Or you have no degree and can’t land any worthwhile job?

We understand that a resume with an empty experience column and/or no college degree doesn’t bring you some good news.

But, cheer up, there is nothing to worry about as we have got you covered. We are enlisting a plethora of jobs waiting for you that are essentially no experience and no degree jobs.

On top of that, they pay well, how’s that?

Entry-Level Jobs That Require No Experience

It can be extremely grueling to find your first job, but all you need to do is take the first step. Fortunately, there are numerous jobs out there that can enhance your knowledge, polish your expertise, and can open doors to various diverse careers.

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We are listing down some picks for you, take a look and apply in the field of your interest! 

1. Web Developer

man typing on computer

In ultramodern times, web developers are the most creative individuals. They are designated to design websites to attract users.

Along with designs, at times they have to create the content of the website as well. In some cases, it is a remote job that requires no experience but your skills only with introductory knowledge of programming and designing.

An average mean annual income of a web developer is 72,150 USD. Some employers only demand an associate degree whereas some can only hire a high school diploma.

However, if it is a senior-level developer-only then a bachelorette’s degree is required for this job. 

2. Police Officer

police officers smiling

According to BLS, a police office earns 31.33 USD per hour.

The job of the police force demands not only physically but as well as mentally, however, this hard work would pay great in terms of career development. Once an individual is hired, he has to go through training and this hiring requires no experience.

Although this career has its downsides, the fascinating thing is the pension which you will get after retirement. So, if you want to get a job as a police officer just simply narrow down the employers and their requirements, as they may ask for a degree. 

3. Gardener/ Lawn Care Specialist 

man gardening

Moving on, this is a job for which you require no fancy resume or a high school diploma. A gardener has to provide services such as plantation and maintenance of lawns, gardens, and trees.

The average income of a gardener is 31,584 USD per year and 15 USD for an hour. It is veritably easy to find such jobs, you can simply search in your neighborhood and offer this service to the house owners.

However, if you don’t know this skill, there are several short courses available to guide you or you can take the help videos that are available online. Moreover, if you love gardening, it is an amazing job that can pay you well

4. Refuse Collector 

Refuse Collector

This job may appear gross to you but you can easily get it without any experience, all you need to do is to develop some resistance to the smell. The job description includes picking trash and items that are recyclable from various places such as schools and businesses.

If we analyze the pay scale of the garbage collector, it is 15.90 USD per hour, which is pretty nice. There are certain benefits that employers also offer at times with this job. There is no debit to this job! 

5. Construction Worker 

construction worker

A construction worker’s job is to repair, maintain and build the structures of the houses, offices, or any other constructional site. This job requires you to have no specific training, but it involves mostly on-job training working with experienced workers on site.

If you will start as a worker, there is a potential that you will eventually become a site supervisor or foreman. Mentioning the wages, the average per hour salary is 17.31 USD.

6. Bartender

man bartending

We are mentioning this job here as it also doesn’t require any experience in general. However, initially less experienced individuals can work as barbacks or can wash the dishes until they are fully trained.

The job description of a bartender is to prepare and serve the drinks to customers and also to assist customers in placing orders. You can take some training courses either online or on-site to ameliorate your skills.

The median of a bartender is 12.00 USD per hour. You can choose it as your full-time job as well as a part-time job. On top of that, there are also tips from the customers which add to your tally.

7. Flight Attendant

flight attendants

If you love traveling, have no issues with irregular working hours, and want to earn through it, this is a job for you! With minimum experience, you can just enter into it and enjoy the benefits of being a flight attendant.

According to BLS, you can get to this job with experience of fewer than 5 years in the relevant field. All you have to do is to complete a short training program by Federal Aviation Administration to get the certification.

The annual income of the flight attendants depends on the airline they are working for, however, on average it is 59,050 USD. 

8. Medical Assistant

medical assistants

Medical assistant (MA) is one of the fleetly growing industries and has high potential. This job position doesn’t require any prior experience however you have to do a one-year certification program for this job.

Sometimes medical assistants have to perform administrative tasks, scheduling appointments for the doctor and taking the medical history of the patients. The median pay of MA per year is 35,850 USD.

It is a diverse field with great potential for development in the future, as you may get an opportunity to specialize in a medical field which can take you to a senior position. 

9. Real Estate Agent

people talking

For this job, you don’t require any prior experience, however, you have to pass a licensing exam from your state’s real state. This is not behind a desk job and interaction with people is mandatory for this job.

For real estate agents, the sky is the limit but on average you can earn up to 51,220 USD per year. 

10. Veterinary Assistant

medical assistant assisting a dog

If you are affectionate towards animals and have not go any allergy to being around them, this job is definitely for you!

Veterinary assistant jobs require no prior experience; however, you have to get a certification and the rest of the things you can learn during practice. This job can help you earn 29,930 USD per year.  

Work from Home Jobs with No Experience

As work dynamics are drastically changing, work from home is a new trend. Now, if you get a job that requires no experience in the comfort of your home, what else do you want!

We have rounded up some options for you, take a look and choose.

1. Transcriptionist

woman transcriptionist

The job description of transcriptionist features listening to recorded audios and writing that down. You must type without any error as this will help you to earn well.

A high school diploma or GAD is the only requirement to be a transcriptionist. However, some employers may take a typing skill test. On average, you can earn 44,714 USD yearly!

2. Sales Associate

woman selling

A sales associate works to enhance the sales of the company. There are a lot of opportunities for sales associates in diverse industries such as pharmaceutical, retail, etc.

For this entry-level job, no formal degree is required however good communication skill is fundamental for this job, as you would have to communicate with the people. The average yearly salary for this job position is 40,000 USD.

You can both find physical and remote/online positions with this title. 

3. Online Proofreader


In simple terms, proofreading is reading the text and checking for possible mistakes in it. Fiverr, Upwork, and various other online freelancing websites can provide you the platform to get access to employers.

Although no degree or experience is required for this job, having a graduate degree can make you stand out as a freelance proofreader. This job also requires no specific training, however, practice can make you shine out.

With this job, you can nearly earn a mean income of 37,000 USD for a year. 

4. Freelance Writer

freelance writer

If you are a creative individual and have the skills to write, you can be a perfect freelance writer.

Various resources are available online such as Grammarly, Jarvis, and Surfer Seo which can help you to enhance the quality of your work. As a freelance writer, you can write blogs, articles, or reports.

You can use the platforms like Fiverr or Upwork to market yourself and attract potential clients to your profile. This work requires no formal degree or experience; however, it can obviously boost your profile.

The earning potential is huge in this job and you can earn according to your creativity, research skills, and the time you are willing to invest.  

5. Blogger

woman blogging

This is a versatile career that enables you to earn a six-figure income. All you have to do is to post content on the internet which can be audio, video, or text.

And there are quite a few ways you can earn from that including affiliate marketing and selling your product. By affiliate marketing, you get a percentage in the sale if someone does shop by using the website.

There is no education required for this job. The income through this is variable and entirely depends on the traffic on your content.

You can acclimatize it as a full-time career or you can do it as a part-time work option. 

6. Data Entry Clerk

Data Entry Clerk

The data entry clerk has to enter the data into the system from a written document. They can be hired by organizations, businesses, or by any contractor.

There is no training or degree required for this job. However, for this job, the clerk needs to be focused and attentive as he would have to handle the data in bulk.

No advanced skill is required for this; however, an individual can upgrade himself by learning various soft skills. You can easily earn 35,000 USD each year through this job.

7. Survey Taker

man taking survey

For this job, all you need is a phone or laptop and internet connectivity. No degree, no training, and no experience are required for this job.

Various surveys are going on, and you can earn just simply by filling them. So, next time instead of watching videos and going down the YoutTube rabithole utilize that time to fill up surveys and earn some money.

Below are some of the websites for making some extra bucks by taking easy surveys:

InBox Dollars

Survey Junkie 



Vindale Research

Pinecone Research



Branded Surveys (MintVine)


Opinion Outpost



8. Translator

people talking

A translator has to restate one language to another. For this, you have to be fluent in at least two languages.

For this task, you require no formal education and no experience. Both online and physical jobs are available and you can earn a mean income of 42,067 USD per year. 

9. Online Tutor

Tutor teaching online

Tutors are elite professionals who educate students. There is no degree requirement for this job.

You can start your career as a tutor by taking short courses or workshops organized by professionals in the field.

You should know how to deal with different kinds of students and adapt your teaching style accordingly. Covid-19 has further accelerated the need and demand for online tutors. Tutors these days, on average, are earning 32.17 USD per hour on average. 

10. Virtual Assistant (Administrative Assistant)

woman taking notes

Virtual Assistant is responsible for tasks like connecting clients, taking notes during the meeting, and even working as a mode of communication between departments, and all this is done remotely (from home).

The main requirement of this job is that you should know your way around the computers. Moreover, organizational skills are the backbone of this job. 

The degree requirement for this job depends on the company’s policy, but most companies require high school graduation or an associate’s degree in business. The average yearly salary of a virtual assistant is 46,000 USD.

Final Words

Everyone has to start from somewhere in their professional careers, so here is a chance for you to take a fresh start. Keep in your mind that no experience job doesn’t mean that you require no soft skills.

Entry-level jobs can prove to be a great stepping stone that will help you in polishing your soft skills. We hope that this article will be a great guide for you!  

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