Hire Apprentices Smartly with Recruitly

Whether you’ve hired apprentices and trainees in the past or this is the first time you are taking the plunge, finding the right person for the job is not that easy. Filtering a candidate who is dedicated, passionate about the job and is committed to be a professional, needs lot of efforts from the hiring manager/recruiter/employer.

There are various concerns related to hiring apprentices and your concern may include fears like:

  • Running an apprenticeship program is going to take too much of management time.
  • Screening of apprentice candidates will be quite difficult and time consuming.
  • Taking on an apprentice will cost too much, compared with a graduate or an experienced hire.

Having any or all of the above concern is not bad itself, but you need a solution that removes these hassles and allows you to hire apprentices on the go.

Recruitly solves this problem by offering employers/recruiters to hire the best tech talent while staying on budget. It’s simple, easy to use and doesn’t come with a liability. Just tell them your requirements, and you get the filtered candidate who is ready to take the job!

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You don’t need to pay anything until the right candidate is found and hired and no charges if the candidate leaves within a month.

So, how Recruitly makes money? Well, they get a 10% off the first 6 month compensation of the candidate when he is hired!

It’s surely a good option for small businesses as well as the early stage startups when they are already on a tight budget.

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Recruitly in their Own Words:

Recruitly is a platform that allows anyone to hire the best in the tech scene. Our system halves the number of interviews by a selection of the most appropriate candidate(s). Simply tell us what you are looking for and our system will immediately show you our best available match.

What Brings Recruitly to the Spotlight:

It reduce the time and resources required in screening applicants.

Recruitly Website: http://recruitly.co/