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HireOwl; Making it Easier for Startups to Hire the Best Student Interns

Every startup has various small tasks that need careful attention, i.e. Website Design & Development, Social Media, PR, Research, and Data Entry etc. Being a startup owner you can certainly not do all these at your own and if you try to do so, you may miss the most important tasks that only you can do.

Hiring interns or freelancers from universities can actually solve your problem. It is not just a smart financial decision for startups but it’s also a great way to get small projects done in the best possible manner.

Student freelancers and interns aim to deliver the best as they are building their portfolio and need it to be showcasing the positive reviews of their work.

The smart financial decision delivers the best quality work when you hire paid interns. Researches and stats show that paid interns perform significantly higher than unpaid interns as they take the job more seriously. This is very natural about being rewarded for one’s time.

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HireOwl.com platform connects businesses and university students making it easier for startups to get their work done by the highly enthusiastic, motivated and skillful youth.

It’s free to post a job there and you pay only for the work done.

Once your job ad is live, qualified students receive a notification and they apply for the job. You review students’ profiles and communicate over HireOwl Messenger (Although, the students on the platform are pre-screened by HireOwl, communication is very much important to tell them how exactly you want things to be done).

HireOwl handles time sheets and payments as your job starts, so don’t worry about time management.

Payment is released to interns and students once the job is marked done by the poster.

On part of students, HireOwl is way better option than exploring the freelance websites. The minimum payout is $10/hr to $25/hr and the rates go highers depending upon the jobs. This is what ensures that you are going to work for serious employers and the work experience of such businesses will actually boost your resume.

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HireOwl in Their Own Words:

HireOwl is a kick ass, free platform that makes it super easy for startups to connect with talented students from top schools who are eager to work on a freelance basis to drive their businesses forward. As veteran entrepreneurs ourselves, HireOwl understands the fragility of many startups and the need to find high quality talent at affordable prices in order to increase productivity and drive growth.

Startups also need this process to be as fast and easy as possible. We provide an on demand connection to not only source high quality yet affordable talent, but to manage their timesheets and process payments all in one place. No more running between multiple HR systems that don’t talk to each other. Top quality students eager to provide a helping hand on demand.

What Brings HireOwl in the Spotlight?

Unlike other talent hunting and hiring platforms where you have to pay to view the profiles, it’s free until you job is done. A must try for startups planning to hire the best interns!

HireOwl Website: https://www.hireowl.com

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.