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5 Factors to Check While Hiring an Electricity Contractor

Developing commercial properties is different from building homes. The project owners need to go through a daunting process of finding various contractors and ensuring the construction moves ahead while fulfilling all the compliances.

Electrical fitting and installations are among the most critical tasks while building commercial properties. Commercial electricity installations are different from residential fitting. That means you need an electrical contractor that specializes in commercial electrical projects.

Most construction project owners often find it challenging to choose the right electrical contractor. If you are in a similar dilemma, here are five factors that you need to check while hiring an electrical contractor for your commercial project.

1. License and Certifications

Commercial electrical construction requires in-depth knowledge and experience. It can be challenging to understand whether the contractor is qualified to complete the work in time and how it is supposed to be done.

The best way to understand the qualifications of the contractors is by asking them about their training and certifications. It will ensure that all the team members are trained and certified to work on commercial electrical projects. It will also ensure that the workers do not get caught in any electrical accidents due to a lack of skills and negligence.

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Commercial electrical contractors are also required to obtain an operating license that is approved by local authorities and business compliance bodies. Check the licenses and certifications of the contractor to understand their qualification before hiring them for your project.

2. Workers’ Insurance

Electrical constructions involve dealing with high voltage power lines and electrical equipment. Negligence or a lack of skills or experience can lead to serious life-threatening accidents.

You don’t want any electrical accident on your commercial property, as it might lead to further legal problems that can delay your project. You must verify whether the contractor has insured all of their workers. The workers should have workers’ compensation and life insurance as they deal with life-threatening scenarios every day. That way, you can protect yourself from potential lawsuits.

3. Pricing

The overall cost of electrical repair in Oklahoma City, OK depends on various factors, such as the total area to be covered and the type of electrical devices and equipment used. The number of electrical fixtures such as lighting, outlets, and appliances significantly increases the cost of electrical construction.

Before you finalize the contractor, remember to discuss the pricing model. Electrical contractors have different pricing models. Some charge per hour, while others charge based on the number of electrical fixtures. You will also come across contractors that only take lump-sum amounts for the entire project. Make sure you choose whatever pricing model that suits you.

4. Relevant Experience

As mentioned earlier, residential and commercial electrical projects are different. While residential projects are very straightforward, commercial electrical projects require thorough planning and execution.

Commercial electricity works require extreme precision and skills as they involve dealing with higher voltage power lines and different equipment. That’s why it’s essential to check the relevant experience of the contractors. It wouldn’t make sense to hire an electrical contractor specializing in residential work and not commercial work.

One way to verify the relevant experience of the contractor is by asking them for their portfolio or previous projects. You can check the portfolio to understand what kind of projects they have worked on before. It will help you find a highly-qualified and experienced contractor for your commercial project.

5. Reviews and Ratings

Reviews, ratings, and testimonials are highly effective in giving you a glimpse inside the contractor’s service quality. Look for any online reviews about the contractor that speak about their professionalism, work quality, and ability to finish projects on time.

In addition, you can also go through the reviews of the previous clients, and learn from their experience with the contractor.

It wouldn’t be logical to risk the safety of your entire commercial project by not putting much thought while hiring the electrical contractor. Make sure you ask the right questions and look for the right thing in the contractor to ensure the successful and safe completion of your commercial electrical project.


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