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9 Tips for Hiring the Best Staff for Your Restaurant

Opening a restaurant is just the beginning of fulfilling your lifelong dream. Hiring the right people is a crucial step to bringing that dream to reality.

9 Tips for Hiring the Best Staff for Your Restaurant

When you are setting up a restaurant, one of the key requirements to success is hiring the right people to work for you. It’s simple logic that your staff is your biggest asset.

But finding the best staff in the restaurant industry is a big challenge. This is why you need to have a strategy that will help you choose the best during your hiring process.

Building an effective hiring strategy does take time and energy, but not having it will end up costing you more in the form of negative customer reviews, inconsistency, and a bad reputation.

So read on to learn a few ways you can assemble the perfect team to open your restaurant.

Post a Specific Job Ad

When you post a recruitment ad, it must clearly reflect and describe the projected opening date, any scheduling requirements, the concept of your restaurant, the style of the service you want to provide, and any other relevant specifics.

You should choose a professional agency to present your ad and use multiple channels such as word of mouth, social media, and online methods to share the ads.

Devise an Effective Set of Interview Questions

It is important to determine if the potential candidate has the relevant experience and if they share your workplace values.

That is why having an effective set of restaurant interview questions is a wise idea to eliminate the chances of any haphazard interviewing and to keep the process on track.

This way you can ensure that the applicant gets a clear picture of your professionalism and that the entire process is effective.

Have at Least Two Managers Do the Interviewing

It is important to be able to identify and hire good candidates. That is why you should involve at least two managers who can compare notes and make sure all relevant topics were covered.

You must also ensure that no manager can lobby to hire unqualified friends or family.

Judge the Candidate’s Attitude

Anyone can say they have experience, but it is not so easy to fake a good attitude. You need to judge if the candidate possesses the core values that are essential for your team.

You should not be blinded by a fancy resume, but be able to look beyond it to see the actual attitude of the candidate. The interview is a stage for the candidate to demonstrate their personality.

Watch their attitudes closely to see if they can remain positive even in situations when they will be under pressure.

Remember to Take Notes

When you are interviewing for initial staff, you will likely have to interview a lot of applicants.

That is why it is important that you take notes because it is easy to forget your impressions of someone or get them mixed up with someone else. So don’t forget to take notes about each candidate while you are interviewing them.

Teach Your Managers How to Assess Physical Cues

You should teach the managers who will be conducting the interviews to be able to identify and assess certain mannerisms and body language. They might talk a good game but their body language may reveal something totally different.

For instance, if they avoid eye contact while answering why they left their previous job, then you should dig deeper into the matter. Or if they barely manage to smile throughout the interview even when they claim that their service style is very warm and friendly, then your managers should be hesitant to take them at their word.

Be Sure to Check References

You need to make it clear to the candidate that they will be required to provide at least three references.

In order to move ahead with the hiring process, at least two of the references will need to respond back. This process must be followed no matter how well you connect with a candidate or how great they initially seem.

Make the Interview Interactive

The main aim of a successful interview is to be able to identify and select the best candidate, but in all likeliness, the candidate is also evaluating you. So you should be punctual by starting the interview at the mentioned time, wear proper clothes, and read their resumes before the interview to be prepared.

This will create a positive impression about what the candidates can expect when they come on board. You need your managers to be able to put their best foot forward during the interview as well so that the candidate is able to draw a positive picture about your establishment.

Try to Strike a Balance

You need to be able to select a diverse group of people for your team. For this, you need to take into account factors such as past experience, skill set, personality, and knowledge.

This will be particularly important as the more diverse the team is, the more they will be able to help each other learn. You don’t want your restaurant to reflect the culture of another restaurant, which is why you should be careful to not hire too many people who previously worked at the same restaurant.

Final Thoughts

if you want to select the best people who can positively contribute to the culture of your restaurant, you must first decide what essential qualities your employee should possess. To find the perfect match for your restaurant team, consider exploring candidates on oysterlink.com, a platform dedicated to restaurant jobs and networking.

Starting up a restaurant is a great opportunity to hire a group of people who are aligned and synced from the very beginning.

Your managers should implement an organized and streamlined process to select the most suitable candidates for your opening team. Best of luck with your future endeavors.


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