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HiveFlux; Real Time Project Management for Teams to Work Smarter

It’s the job of project manager to balance all the elements of a complex project, i.e. time, money, scope and people. Out of all the complex elements of a project, managing people is most challenging.

It’s all about the project manager’s leadership qualities that each member of the team takes responsibility for project’s success. Communication plays a vital role here. It’s the project manager who provides direction at every step of the project, so each team leader knows what’s expected.

Effective communication is actually one of the biggest challenges in the project management, and people often spend thousands of dollars on improving the communication process  and the teamwork.

hiveflux main image

With Hiveflux, you can reduce all those training and R&D costs of your projects. It’s an effective project management tool that comes with real time tracking of what the team members are doing. Moreover, here’s an overview of all what it can do for you.

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HiveFlux in Their Own Words:

HiveFlux is a smart tool for task-management and team collaboration that gives a real-time overview of what everyone in a team is working on. HiveFlux provides a central console that gathers all projects, tasks, files, calendar events and time tracking. Users can edit all these items on the spot and also check past progress. B

y including time estimates and final completion times, it provides all the tools necessary for managers to balance the daily workload of their team. HiveFlux was designed around people and not projects. This means that you can always get a global view of all the projects the company is involved in real time, and how they affect each individual’s workload on a daily and weekly basis.

What Brings HiveFlux to the Spotlight:

HiveFlux provides real time robust task and time-tracking solutions which can increase the productivity of any sized company. It comes with very cost effective plans and even small businesses with up to two projects can use it for free.

HiveFlux Website:

Join Our Small Business Community

Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.