Home Office Design Ideas for Small Spaces
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9 Cool Creative Home Office Design Ideas for Small Spaces

“Oh you work from home; that’s so easy and convenient, right”? That’s how people react when you tell them that you are working from home. But only you know the real side of the story—scattered, with divided attention and so many distractions. That’s why you need some good home office design ideas.

Whether you are working from home entirely, or it is just a short period of work from home in an emergency situation, doing it without a home office is just very unprofessional!

For a day or two, you may be feeling very light, because it is so pleasant to work on the couch and then you decide to go to the dining table and keep moving, but believe me, a week is more than enough to realize that this is not working… Moreover, if you are a parent, things can be too overwhelming right from day one.

Without a proper home office, it can be really challenging to concentrate on your work, and as a fact of the matter, one of the main reasons for working from home is being more productive and do a wide range of tasks in limited time, i.e. managing work and family together!

Yes, I know that you do not have any space, but let me tell you that you can set up a highly productive home office in a 4 x 6 feet space even. Having enormous space doesn’t guarantee productivity, but allocating a specific space to your professional concerns surely do so!

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Creative Home Office Design Ideas for Small Spaces

In order to set up a highly productive home office with the right colors and design, and proper equipment you need to think out of the box, and to aid your brainstorming process here I am sharing some cool startup office design ideas for small spaces.

1- Use the Space Below Staircase:

It’s quiet, calm, and doesn’t affect your home decor too! In fact, it may amp up your home decor.

home office design ideas for small spaces

2- Invest in Comfortable & Usable Office Furniture:

A home office without proper office furniture doesn’t really work. As mentioned earlier, you won’t be able to work from the couch, bed, and dining table for more than a week.

In case, if your home office is going to last more than a few months or you plan to move entirely to work from home, an office chair and a desk are mandatory to save you from back pain and other posture related complications.

Do consider investing in bookcases, cabinets, and dividers and take a dedicated space out for your home office right from a larger bedroom or storeroom.

startup office design

3- Consider a Bright Spot in Your House to Be More Productive:

If privacy is not the issue, a single chair and a table with some storage in a bright corner of any room can work great! You may also consider the corridors for your home office using this style.

Another idea is to utilize the unused space on the balcony (if it doesn’t collide with your local laws), by adding up a shade.

small company office design

4- Use the Walls Efficiently:

Why not use the space within the walls to make more space for your home office. An empty wall cupboard can be a smart choice. That’s a perfect idea, when you have really very small living area space.

small home office design ideas 4

A wall-mounted desk can be a great way to make the most out of a smaller space!

5- Use the Corridor or a Walkway for Your Home Office:

You’re lucky if you have a brighter corner in the room or a brighter walkway. Just turn it into your home office!

very small boutique design ideas

6- Store Room Can be the Ideal Location:

Storerooms are always a perfect option for a home office, especially when you want a private and quiet space. They are quiet places that ensure maximum productivity for sure. But make sure to have enough light and positive color schemes!

small home office design ideas 6

I hope the above ideas would have helped you think out of the box. Don’t forget to check my other article on how to choose the right color for your home office!

7- Utilize Compact Furniture

If you have a small space but need to work from home, compact furniture is one of the best home office design ideas. Compact furniture, or 2-in-1 furniture, can maximize the space you have while serving multiple different functions. 

For example, say you need a desk and a bookcase. If you’re in a small space, it might be hard to fit both pieces of furniture in there—if they’re separate. If you have the initial capital to invest in your workspace, think about looking for desks that have shelves attached, or at least a hutch where you can store your reading materials. Another option for this would be to buy a bookcase that has a fold-out or drop-down desk. 

While this was only one example of compact furniture, this principle could be applied to pretty much any combination of purposes your office furniture will need to serve. 

8- Choose a Color Scheme

In any room of your house, a bright color scheme can drastically improve mood, productivity, and more. We mentioned before that it’s important to find a bright space in your home if you have one, but the color scheme is even more important. Note: if you don’t have much natural light opportunities for your home office, using bright colors can offset this.

Work with an online color palette generator to find a three- or four-piece color scheme for your office. Check out the link to learn more about how to choose the best one.

9- Buy the Right Desk Gadgets

Who doesn’t love a good desk gadget? One of the best home office design ideas is grabbing a few gadgets to streamline your work. For this idea, you’ll have to think to yourself, “what do I use most when I’m sitting at my desk?” Maybe you need your phone charged and ready to take calls, or perhaps you’re using multiple chargers at once. To translate these needs into great desk helpers, look for phone stands or cord management. 

If your desk is in disarray, your brainpower will be hindered. So, check out these smart gadgets for your home office. 

Overall, good home office design ideas can change your life. Let us know if you have any other home office design ideas that we can add to this list! Thanks for reading.

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