Home Office Design Ideas for Small Spaces

“Oh you work from home; that’s so easy and convenient, right”? That’s how people react when you tell them that you are working from home. But only you know the real side of the story where it’s all scattered, with distributed attention and so many distractions. That’s why you need a proper office even while working from home.

Work from home without a home office is just very unprofessional!

Without a proper home office, it can be really challenging to concentrate on your work, and as a fact of the matter, one of the main reasons for working from home is being more productive and do a wide range of tasks in limited time, i.e. managing work and family together!

Yes, I know that you do not have any space, but let me tell you that you can set up a highly productive home office in a 4 x 6 feet space even. Having enormous space doesn’t guarantee productivity, but allocating a specific space to your professional concerns surely do so!

In order to set up a highly productive home office with right colors and design, and proper equipment you need to think out of the box, and to aid your brainstorming process here I am sharing some cool home office design ideas for small spaces.

1- Use the space below staircase. It’s quiet, calm and doesn’t effect your home decor too! In fact, it may ample up your home decor.

small home office design ideas 1

2- Invest in bookcases, cabinets and dividers and take a dedicated space out for your home office right from a larger bedroom or store room.

small home office design ideas 2

3- If privacy is not the issue, a single chair and a table with some storage in a bright corner of any room can work great! You may also consider the corridors for your home office using this style. Another idea is to utilize the unused space in balcony, by adding up a shade.

small home office design ideas 3

4- Why not to use the space within walls to make more space for your home office. An empty wall cupboard can be a smart choice. That’s the perfect idea, when you have really very small living area space.

small home office design ideas 4

5- You’re lucky if you have a brighter corner in the room or a brighter walkway. Just turn it into your home office!

small home office design ideas 5

6- Store rooms are always perfect option for home office. They are quiet places that ensure maximum productivity!

small home office design ideas 6

I hope the above ideas would have helped you think out of the box. Do not forget to check my other article on how to choose the right color for your home office!

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