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Home Office Design Tips

When you are working at home it is always helpful to have a room or area set aside for that purpose. Decorating the room to be conducive to work can help you to be more focused, creative, and relaxed. You want to enjoy being in your office space, but it is also an area to get things done, where you can harness your productivity.

A home office that is comfortable, functional and even inspiring will help you make the most of the time you spend in it, and help you produce meaningful results, no matter what you are working on.

Personalize the space with artwork

Of course you are working hard and being professional but that doesn’t mean you don’t want some beauty or uplifting items in your home office. Decorating the walls with images you enjoy or photographs of loved ones can make your home office a more enjoyable place to be. You might consider using an art light system to highlight the art and photos that mean the most to you. The right lighting can make a huge difference in how items look when displayed on the wall and when done effectively your beautifully lit images and art will give you enormous pleasure every time you enter your home office and not only help you focus but increase your productivity.

Choose your style

We’re all different in terms of what we enjoy and what motivates us, so it might be worth taking some time to think about the many different ways you can decorate a home office. Do you lean towards minimalism with uncluttered white surfaces? Perhaps you like vintage furniture and lots of pot plants. Maybe you are all about efficiency and the most effective filing and storage systems. The point is to choose what will serve you and your needs best, and then you can think about how to achieve these.

Make it cozy

Some people like shiny white surfaces, but if you want to feel a sense of relaxed comfort and ease in your home office, you might want to take the cozy approach to home office design. From cushions and throws to warm colors on the walls, there are many ways you can give your home office a cozy feel. You might want to look at curtains and wallpaper that give your office some softness and individuality. You could also consider getting a rug that gives the floor a vibrant focal point or a comfortable chair where you sit and contemplate your goals.

Go minimal

Minimalism is a fashionable decor choice in many environments and it has obvious applications for a home office where the emphasis may be on getting things done. With a minimalist home office you want to focus on great lighting, getting rid of clutter and selecting furniture that is comfortable and efficient and supports your productivity. Storage solutions may well be part of this as effective storage gives you a place to put stationery and files and other items so they are not cluttering up your work surfaces. Research has indicated that many people can think more clearly when their environment is less cluttered, so psychologically a minimal office design could give your output quite a boost. Aim for clean lines and a limited number of colors to maintain a calm, organized feel.

Light is right

Lighting is of course a fundamental part of a pleasant and productive home office. If your home office is dark and gloomy, not only will it be difficult to see what you are doing, but you may not even want to go in there. Think about how you can optimize the light in your office.

Replacing curtains or getting attractive modern blinds on the windows could be a good start. If there isn’t a lot of natural light, you might want to invest in an attractive mirror that can look stylish on its own and also reflect light to increase the feeling of space. Lamps can also make a huge difference, especially if you work at night or in time zones where days can be short. A great desk lamp is a worthwhile investment for any office, and you might want to consider table lamps for added brightness and warmth on dull days.


How you decorate your home office is up to you and your personal taste, and if it reflects your personality and what motivates you then that is probably the ideal office decoration for you. Choosing the right functional items is vital, but don’t neglect to add a personal touch. Even in the most minimalist office you can still display attractive and meaningful artwork on the walls. Lighting is important in any office and will help create a more productive and attractive environment for you to deliver your best work.

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