Homing In; Accurate Home Valuation from Local Real Estate Agents

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Selling a home is never an easy task and chances are that you may make a costly mistake. The prime concern of a homeowner is to sell their property for a right price.

Normally, when people intend to sell their property try to find the approximate value of the property as first step. There are various online calculators that help you determine your home worth based on comparables of similar properties sold in your neighborhood. But, you cannot just finalize the list price after these findings, because these calculators are automated and do not consider other market considerations that may affect your property.

Alternatively, the local real estate agents can provide you the accurate valuation, but the problem is that you cannot just approach every local real estate agent to make sure you are selling your property for the right price.

Homing In steps in to address this issue and offers a better solution than those automated calculators. With its expert-sourced network of real estate agents, you get the accurate home values.

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Enter your ZIP code on the website and get access the app to get your home value from a nearby real estate agents, who know the neighborhood and market conditions well.

You get multiple independent estimates of home values from the real estate experts near you, and may proceed further for the services of one of them that you find best.

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It’s certainly an awesome platform that connects homeowners with local agents. And yes, it’s totally private and fair, i.e. one agent cannot see the other agent’s response on your submitted property.

Homing In saves time for both homeowners and the agents, by allowing them to wrap up the basic stuff virtually and meet only when the actual business is involved.

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Homing In in their Own Words:

Homing In is a platform that lets homeowners get numerous independent estimates of home values from nearby real estate experts without having to have any agents come over or talk to anyone.

Homeowners get to control any pictures or notes they put on the platform and agents respond without being able to see the other agents’ responses.


What Brings Homing In the Spotlight:

Accurate home valuation, directly from the local agents.


Homing In Website: https://homingin.co

Join Our Small Business Community

Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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