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How an Online Business Approach Can Change Contact with Your Customers

The traditional definition or proposed example of a business is usually your typical brick-and-mortar. While this may be a reality for a wide range of businesses throughout the world, it’s becoming less and less so in 2020 and beyond as business continues to migrate online.

As the internet has seemingly engulfed everything in its path over the last 20 years, from social interaction to learning, it was inevitable for business, in general, to succumb to the pressure as well, especially with the rise in popularity of online shopping.

This, however, is not a bad thing. The digital world has been a blessing to many startups and established businesses alike. The movement of businesses toward conducting some—or even all, in some industries—of their transactions online has opened up doors of opportunity for businesses to expand, and changed the B2C communication dynamic as well.

online business

Businesses no longer rely on just in-person visits and the occasional phone call to communicate with their clients, but the advent of online business has both changed and expanded this relationship forever.

Doing Business Online Changes Your Client Communication

Traditional B2C communication is in person conversations on site at your business. In this situation, there are no communication barriers or latency in responses. You have full access to your customers and their questions, as do they with your answers.

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On the surface it may seem like moving your business online would reduce the interpersonal aspect of the client to business relationships your company has. This can be true if your strategy for communication between the two parties isn’t well thought out or refined, but luckily there are resources to help your business avoid that.

Using Tools to Help Manage Your Communications

Many companies will use a software service to help corroborate their client communications across customer support and across departments. Options such as Aceyus and various other similar software on the market can help business owners get started with this, and ensure that you’re prepared to conduct effective communication online.

Implementing these tools can help you to streamline the process, and make keeping up with all your different communication outlets that may be open at any given time.

Changing the Interpersonal Aspect and How to Adapt to It

Moving to an online business approach can change this in a number of ways. In doing so, you will be removing some of the interpersonal aspects of it, but also potentially increasing your clientele base, and ultimately your revenue, by way of reaching a bigger audience online.

Despite this, removing the more classical physical aspect of the communication process does not mean, nor excuse your business from, you should be okay with providing sub-par customer communications. Clients will inevitably have issues, questions, and concerns alike, with it being the business’s job to address these in a timely and amicable manner.

This change means you will need to create an efficient and effective online process of handling customer communications. This may involve creating tickets, screening questions to direct clients to the right department that can help, operating email support, and also have a social media outlet via which clients can reach out for quicker things.

Ensuring Your Communications Team is Equipped

Customer support agents should be trained professionals who are able to give the answers and information needed to help a customer with their needs. This is true especially if the client is reaching out via an online means of communication, which makes it very important for the agent to communicate clearly and concisely with the customer. Both aspects of your client communications needing to be prepared and competent.  

There is also the option to speak to a support person over the phone. This is a great way to have a live alternative to the online means of communication, and although this type of support may not be available at any time, it will still be valued by clients if your operators are competent and able to resolve issues for them.

Customer support representatives are not just there to answer the phone if you need them, but also have the knowledge and experience to give the answers to questions that might otherwise be difficult to answer. If a problem arises, a representative will not hesitate to get the right person there on the phone line to talk to you.

online business

Embrace the Change and Prepare Accordingly

Eventually, most if not all businesses in the world will have an online aspect to them, even if not fully integrated. The online business approach allows businesses to expand and reach new heights, and is something that should be embraced rather than avoided.

In order to avoid any communication pitfalls that may arise as a result of your transition, take into account these tips provided and take note of the adaptations that will need to be made while tailoring the strategy to your business.

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