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How EdTech Businesses Can Make Videos Engaging For Students

In this present era, where online learning and teaching have become a common medium of education, student engagement is vital for EdTech businesses.

There are different types of digital tools that can be used to maximize class time and engage students with videos. In the classrooms of modern times, videos have been embraced in the form of a completely exclusive tool.

Thanks to the advancements made in the field of technology, videos allow EdTech businesses to prepare lessons way ahead of time and flipping the classrooms. So students have their focus on collaborating and problem-solving during the class hours.

Live Streams to different locales like state parks and zoos give students real-time experiences of the animal kingdom. Then there are tools such as Skype that connect the students to their associates around the world.

However, there’s a technology that can help the EdTech businesses in making simple videos more engaging. We will have a look below:

Wide-Scale Incorporation of Augmented or Virtual Reality

EdTech businesses have the option of exploring VR or AR environments for making videos more engaging for the students. They can get into providing courses that incorporate the videos and the recordings of different field trips.

These recordings can be made using cameras and can serve as highly immersive videos. But, it is to be understood that the learners still require certain sophisticated hardware for having really good experiences. Hence, it works to use a top-quality slideshow makeror any other killer application for making AR or VR more pervasive.

Leveraging Online Tools for Making Videos More Engaging and Active

Tech usage within the classroom means having a focus on active videos. The past where passive videos were used during class time is fast getting over with. At present, several digital tools can be used for making active videos.

Free online video editing tools, along with tools like YouTube intro maker can be used for cutting educational videos into digestible clips. Other tools can be used for asking the students to insert their commentary or queries.

EdTech businesses can also have students using real-time discussions to encourage collaboration and engagement. The kids can easily react to the comments of the other students on the videos, while teachers can make way for detailed questions.

The in-built annotation features of YouTube can also be used for creating hyper videos that offer more relevant details to the students. These features are of good use to educators who are in the lookout of creating better videos for the students.

Interactive Videos are Always Engaging

Video marketing is something that is being adopted on a very wide scale by a large number of businesses. You know why? Because it helps in grabbing the attention of the prospective buyers instantly.

It works when teaching the students using videos. EdTech businesses should have their focus on creating interactive videos that will surely engage the students through knowledge clips and recorded lectures. These can even be used for answering the in-line questions of the students.

Creating interactive videos means the teachers offer students exercise outlines, upload knowledge clips or pre-recorded lessons from YouTube, and add practice questions on the video timeline to get responses from the students.

Such videos help in improving the knowledge of the students regarding the fundamental concepts of a course. It is helpful for the teachers and can keep track of the analytics along with the students’ engagement and performance.

This form of video teaching also enhances learning by assessing the student’s understanding of specific topics.

Expressing Learning through Animated Character Videos

The use of animated character videos is a safe and fun way for them to bring forth their knowledge and understanding of a topic. There are different online tools that the students can be encouraged to use for creating such videos.

These tools help students in choosing characters or in creating a few characters themselves. The students even get access to libraries filled with frames, templates, and effects for creating incredibly creative and imaginative video assignments.

The students can create book trailers – TV commercials, informative videos, and digital stories with the use of these tools.

Using YouTube Videos for Disseminating Information

There are many EdTech businesses that are already using YouTube videos for providing education. YouTube is a platform well-known for providing entertainment content. When users on this platform stumble upon educational content, there are good chances for them to shift to learning on the platform.

Many EdTech businesses are using YouTube pages for posting informative and insightful educational material. These materials get instant followers, as well. If the topics are interesting, the audience will surely find you no matter what the circumstances are.

EdTech businesses have started providing lessons on YouTube and the full-fledged educational platform that it has become at present. There are full chances for these businesses to flourish in the near future.

One of the highest selling points of YouTube is that it helps educational entities delve into different courses and release their videos in varied languages.

Live Lecture Videos

Live recorded lectures have come as a boon for the students. For many EdTech businesses, sending live-recorded lectures to the students means they can pause the same and re-watch them to find whether everything is understandable.

Recorded lectures are beneficial to the students as they can also pause the videos and re-watch the lessons several times as per their learning requirements and pace. Educators do not have to go through the hassle of recording teaching videos within the classroom alone.

They can record the lectures and share the same with the students at almost any time and from any location. This helps in closing the gap that persists because of the absence of the teacher.

There is no need for the educators to worry about missing their classes as pre-recorded lectures keep the class running even if the educators are down with some illness or away holidaying.

Parting Words

Using videos is one of the most powerful ways to engage the students. By creating engaging videos, EdTech businesses can facilitate problem-solving and thinking among the students.

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