How Mobile Learning Can Train Your Corporate Workforce Better?

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Gone are the days when organizations used to rely on desktop-based approach for training their workforce! With eLearning coming into play, the employee skill development and knowledge enhancement scenario have completely revolutionized with more and more enterprises being a part of this latest adoption every day.

Moreover, learning can even be carried now and is just a click away with the advent of mobile learning with which users are engaging rapidly.

Mobile learning or M-Learning facilitates teaching through personal electronic gadgets such as smartphones and tablets. It has grown in popularity since its inception as most businesses prefer this mode to on-site training and has positively affected eLearning content solutions for business growth.

The prime goal of mobile learning is to facilitate learning and to enhance the employees’ performance matrix hence content providers for large enterprises are seen adapting to the needs of the learners.

Therefore, there is a shift witnessed in the learning environment from static to dynamic and it must be harnessed by all organizations for the betterment of employees which in turn shall prove advantageous for the enterprise itself. Various ways in which mobile learning enhances employee training have been mentioned below for your reference.

Easy access to information

Mobile learning is a boon for the busy, time-starved professionals since they can access information anywhere and at any time of the day with just a click at their mobile devices or tablets. Once the employees set up their account on the respective software, they gain unrestricted access to various learning tools and resources irrespective of where they are located thereby overcoming any geographical barriers.

Learner empowerment

This learner-centric approach provides learning in the hands of its users offering them an experience which is enough for them. Amidst various other obligations which could interfere with learning, adults or working professionals are able to catch up with their learning which is just at their fingertips thereby empowering them.

Perfect for remote employees

One of the main benefits of adopting mobile learning by large enterprises proves extremely advantageous to those working in remote locations. Such employees do not have to miss out on anything and can boost business and promote its growth as they are able to access the course material online which is inclusive of sales pitches, product updates, compliance updates, and others alike.

Increased flexibility

In contrary to the traditional classroom based approach which has a linear and fixed format for carrying out things, mobile learning is extremely flexible as users can learn at their own pace and they enjoy rewind and forward options. They can access the same video/lecture again at any time of the day as they desire. Moreover, the information presented via this approach is comparatively smaller thereby promoting flexibility and robustness.

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Reduced training duration

As emphasized time and again that since learning can be carried with this approach, it proves to be beneficial to all learners. They can invest their time considered to be dead, i.e. the time spent in travelling or waiting at a particular location in effective learning. Because of this, learning can lead to better application of knowledge and hence training time can be reduced. Moreover, shorter learning experiences allow key messages to be retained and assimilated for much longer.


Mobile users tend to grow with every passing day as every individual daily empowers himself/herself with a mobile device thereby increasing flexibility to access social networks which are primarily involved in content distribution to a wider audience. When it comes to eLearning, ‘mobilization’ is being witnessed which helps to improve the overall training speed and workforce productivity alongside revolutionizing the corporate training scenario. With the continually increasing use of smartphones and tablets, employees are able to work more proficiently. Hence, most organizations are harnessing the concept of mobile learning in corporate training to associate learners with real-life scenarios.

This emerging trend can be called a learner-centric approach that is cost-effective, time-saving and engages the maximum audience. The millennials are tech-savvy and catch up relatively fast to anything new that comes up, unlike our previous generations who faced difficulties while adopting any new technology. With so many advantages, mobile learning has an edge over all other sources adopted for corporate training today. So, be a part and join the brandwagon today!

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