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How Selling Gift Cards is becoming a Popular Way to Get Emergency Cash!

Gift cards for the longest time had been a popular choice of companies to give out to employees, and form friends and family to give out during birthdays and gifts during Christmas or on any other occasion. You may have had your own share of gift cards in the last year or may have a number of gift cards stored around in the house or in drawers and desks.

The problem is, most of the time the gift cards are not utilized either because the value is not enough to get us what we want, or the store it is accepted at is far from your location, that making the trip to use it will be more expensive than the value of the gift card.

The question is, what will we do with all those gift cards? Will they be just gathering dust and then eventually get destroyed and unusable or better yet, we can sell gift cards to make us some real money!

What are Gift Cards and How Does It Work?

Gift cards work like gift certificates, each card has a set value and one can use it to buy things or products in a particular store or mall. It is a popular choice to be given as gifts during Christmas or during birthdays since it is much convenient for the giver than having to choose individual gifts, also it allows the recipient to choose their own gifts.

When it is given as incentives or bonuses, gift cards are not convertible to cash and it is nontaxable, so that the employee could enjoy its full value in purchasing whatever they want with it.

Moreover, if the company purchases gift cards in bulk to give to their employees, they can get it in discounted prices and also save money in the process than just by giving a cash bonus to their employees. Gift cards do not have an expiry date, such that you can actually use it at a later date or keep them for larger item purchases.

Gift cards that are accepted from malls and other retail shops are more often used as there are a lot of products to choose from. However gift cards for specialty shops are often not used since the items there are too expensive products or are only found in larger cities that will not be worth to go to. Gift cards can be exchanged for goods and supplies from the store it is supposed to be accepted within the set monetary value of the gift card. If you have a group of gift cards, you can combine its value so you could buy that expensive pair of jeans or that food processor you had been eyeing for the longest.

More often than not, everyone has a bunch of gift cards that remains to be unused and gathering dust. The next best thing to do with it is to sell gift cards online!

How to Sell Gift Cards

There are a number of websites that offer to buy your old gift cards. You can choose which one would offer you the best price for the value of your gift cards. Some websites allow you to input in the serial number of your gift card and it will automatically verify if the gift card does exist and for how much it was worth. The website then proceeds to give you an estimate of how much they are willing to pay for the gift cards and once you agree to it, you will then receive an email with the details of how to get paid. In a matter of three days, you will be able to receive the payment notice on your email.

Online companies that buy gift cards will have you input your gift card value and  will then come up with an offer for the amount they are willing to pay for it, usually the price they would give you depends on the value of your gift card and where it can be accepted. Rare and hard to come by gift cards and those with higher value will get you higher amounts. So before you decide which company to sell gift cards to, you have to make sure that the offered price is something that you are agreeable with. You should try looking for other companies and evaluate how much they are willing to pay for it, choose one that has the best offer.

You should choose an online company that will communicate with you at a more personal level, and not just have automated chat bots that can be irritating at times.  Having a live customer representative with whom you can talk to in case, you have concerns or questions regarding your transactions, and someone to get back to if you have encounter difficulties in the payout from the sale of the gift cards.

Concluding it all…..

If you are falling of hard times and you need something to help you with your checkbook, the best bet is to dig up all your old gift cards and sell them to websites who offer higher values. If for example you do not have enough gift cards on you to prevent you from becoming penniless, you can always ask family and friends to give you their old gift cards. If you can survive without taking out a loan or asking family and friends for a loan, you could just ask for their old gift cards, very surely, they would happily give it to you.

It can also be turned into a good business venture whereby you can buy and sell old gift cards. You can go around your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors and then offer to buy their old gift cards for a lesser amount, believe it, they would even be happy to just give it away. After gathering enough gift cards from your area or locality, you can sell the gift cards online and enjoy its profit.  

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