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How Solo Ads Can Maximize Your Affiliate Marketing Profits

The most excellent way in which one can promote their product online is via best solo ads these days. It is the most trending way of marketing things online; moreover it is also very much helpful in the field of affiliate marketing as well.

We have seen a lot of affiliates which are currently using petar solo ads for different advertising purposes. In addition to this we can say that it a very lucrative type of business model highly appreciated by millions of people in the year 2019.

But before moving in this article further, let us first know about the real meaning of best solo ads and how exactly it is used industry in detail now.

What are solo ads in the field of affiliate marketing?

A solo ad is kind of advertising which is processed with the help of sending email to the particular list of people or to the targeted audience. Thus in simple term solo ads are called an email advertising in which specific email is sent to the list of people which will work to generate more sales to the product advertised in the mail.

In this process further, the message in the mail and the link sent to the list is not actually owned by you. But additionally the traffic generated by this process in return is greatly targeted to earn more sales to your product.

Like for instance, if you are promoting an affiliated weight loss product, then you may get in touch with a blogger who owe a big listing in weight loss niche, right? Now if he agrees to the deal, then he will send a particular email to the list he have in a fixed pricing per click generated. Thus, your this email will now be forwarded to the group of people who are much interested in the products related to weight loss.

This is the main working and the reason which have made the solo ads so popular as well as profitable in the field of marketing or business.

Furthermore let us know the working of the solo ads for the purpose of affiliate marketing in detail now.

Select a niche and appropriate affiliate product or services

You have to first select the niche depending upon your hobby and interest. Then you have to select the appropriate product for the purpose of promoting it. The pricing of the product should be fair and not more than the expected price from the product, and moreover it should be the product with upsells.

The main idea is to motivate customers to purchase a cost affiliate product so that later we can encourage them to upgrade and buy the upsell product which are high in price. Moreover, the inexpensive products works best in this field of advertisement.

Find a solo provider

Now this is a really tough task in the process of solo ads marketing. You have to search for the honest, loyal, high quality, cheap solo ads providers, which is surely not so easy. You can use various search engines to find one of the best in the market in case you didn’t found a solo ad provider in the directories.

One can do this by searching via main keyword and adding solo ad providers or vendors to it in the search engines. In addition to this you can also contact to website owners or bloggers directly as well.

Try to review all the solo ad sellers first

Since most of the time you have to deal with the best solo ad sellers directly, thus it becomes important for you cross check that the crucial money which you are spending is at the right place. It is also essential to see review sellers as there are many of the fake sellers which can fool you very easily. Thus best is to read the review already written about them beforehand.

An important tip: select the best solo ads which only send approximately 7 emails in a week. On the other hand, if it is less then this in numbering it is still better.

You can use a direct link, squeeze page, etc

After finalizing the best solo ads sender, you can send a mail asking about- if they allow direct linking to any affiliate offers or products. But it has been seen that not all the solo ad sellers will support direct linking to any type of affiliate offers. However, it is a great opportunity if direct links are allowed in the email. Moreover, there are two main alternatives you have in such cases.

  1. If the sellers allow you can straightforwardly sent the traffics to affiliate offers. But in such case, you will not be able to make your own emailing list.
  2. On the other hand, one can also send traffic to their squeeze page, save the visitors email address, and further forward them to affiliate offers.  

But it has been always seen that it’s a very professional approach when you use your squeeze page. No doubt, it’s little expensive but it is fruitful for your long term business goal.

Moreover, while choosing a direct links, things may become quite easy for you. For that matter you have to just create cheesy short email which is promoting your affiliate product. In addition to this, you can add affiliate links in your email in small number of times.

Tracking and monitoring is essential

Now to complete your process of solo ads in affiliate marketing the last and the most important thing you are left with is monitoring and tracking. However, the sellers of solo ads forward the entire completion reports to its buyers. But it should be significant to your end as well to keep an eye on the conversations or clicks on your advertisement too.

In addition to this, you can also use some of the amazing working tracking tools present their in the market today. All such tools can easily help you track the clicks every time it takes place.

Thus after reading this article if you think that it is worthy to use best solo ads for promoting any affiliate products, do give try once.

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