How Stephane Portha Portrayed the Essential Qualities of an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task. It requires a lot of commitment and resilience. The amount of effort dedicated to the business determines its success by far. There are so many ups and downs because of the uncertainties that every business presents. An entrepreneur has so many responsibilities and obligations to ensure everything is done the right way.

Every decision made determines how successful a company will be and its overall well-being. Every entrepreneur has the qualities that drive him to achieve his objectives and making sure that the business remains profitable. Take an example of success entrepreneurs like Stephane Portha who have come along away starting from scratch to renowned digital game developers. What are some of the qualities you are likely to witness in such business people?


Being passionate

Passion is the most important attribute of a successful entrepreneur. The ability to genuinely love your work regardless of the amount of income it brings enables you to also work extra hours without being pushed to do it. The joy a business brings apart from the money is an essential quality for any entrepreneur. It enables him to go an extra mile to do research and gain crucial knowledge in making the business better.

Being bold

There are many challenges when it comes to starting or running a business. It can be very stressing and also lead to fear, disbelief, self-criticism, shame and a scarce mentality whereby one has doubts about the work. Every entrepreneur goes through a tough time but to be successful one has to put fear aside and have the courage to take some risks. Being bold ensures that uncertainties and difficult periods don’t affect the mental state and decision making of an entrepreneur.

Being strategic

Every entrepreneur needs to have a specific course of action that directs him or to achieve a particular set of goals. It involves the ability to envision what might happen in the future and using it in dealing with current situations. To be strategic one has to reflect on ideas, create a plan, use the whole brain in thinking and broaden their horizons. It is also essential to be open-minded when building a strategy.

Being optimistic

The worst thing for an entrepreneur is disbelief in their business. Being in constant doubt is very costly and makes the business not to have any progress. As an entrepreneur, one has to be optimistic and expect the best out of it.  It enables an entrepreneur sets goals and works towards meeting them.

Be tolerant of failure

Every business has its setbacks and disappointments on its quest for success. A successful entrepreneur has to be prepared to deal with this kind of situations and never give up no matter what happens. The ability to keep going and persevere through tough times guarantees the business’s success.

Being successful is a journey and does not happen overnight. The amount of effort, resilience and time dedicated to a business determines its success. Also loving what you do is a very crucial aspect. That passion keeps you going no matter the challenges.


Stephane Portha

Stephane Portha portrayed all the above qualities in his quest for success when he developed his first game at the age of 14 using old machines out of his passion for video games and now supplies video games across the world.