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How Technology Has Transformed Advertising and Marketing for Businesses!

Advertisement and marketing play a vital role in the success of a product or a service that is launched in the market because they act as medium of communication between the company and its customers. If you do not market a product or a service, you might not be able to sell that commodity because people will not be aware of its availability in the market.

Marketing is more than just spreading awareness of the commodity, it is about communicating with the customers regarding the benefits of the product and that why they should buy it.

In order to advertise the product, you need to find the right target market for that product. The right target market would be the people who are interested in purchasing that product and have the ability to pay for it. With the emergence of technology, marketers can market and advertise their products in a much better way than before because technology opens the doors to various opportunities that the marketers can avail to convince the customers into buying the product.

Here are some of the ways technology has transformed advertisement and marketing:

Print Advertisement

The print advertisement includes various different forms of advertisement like newspaper, magazines, pamphlets, and brochures. Print advertisement is considered to one of the most economical ways of marketing your product because you can post an ad in a newspaper and you have to make a one-time payment for the ad. The advertisement can be posted on the second or third page because the front page costs a lot.

In addition to this, you can display the features and prominent specs of the product in a magazine along with pictures of the product so that customers can see the product and make the decision regarding the purchase of the product in which they are interested. Brochures can be printed for the product in order to provide customers with detailed knowledge regarding the product making it easier for them to compare it with other available products in the market.

Printing can be very helpful because newspapers are still easily accessible to most of the people and are affordable as well.

Post and Mail

You can also send mails and posts to your target market by writing a persuasive message about your product explaining in detail that why people should buy your product. It is important to realize the fact that customers are looking for solutions which can solve their problems and therefore, you should clearly highlight the solutions that your product offers to the customers.

Emails are considered to be an effective way of communication with your customers because you can add links in the emails that can directly lead them to your website where all your offerings are listed.


Radio is another way of broadcasting your advertisement on the air for the customers. When you use radio for advertisement, it is important to use an attractive voice because people can only listen to the advertisement. Therefore, the voice should be clear and audible with a convincing tone. Many companies use radio for broadcasting their ads because radio has a good reach and is popular amongst many people.


After conducting successful radio campaigns, companies started investing heavily in a television advertisement. Television advertisement proved to be one of the most successful mediums of marketing because in television ads the audience can see the product and can have a better idea about how it looks and what benefits it can bring to the user. Unlike radio and print, television ads have visual and sound elements so the customers can see and listen to the advertisement altogether and get inspired by the idea portrayed in the video.

Television ads are expensive because it costs a lot to get a slot for your advertisement that has a good amount of traffic. In addition to this, making a television ad can be expensive as well because marketers usually hire influential people like celebrities to endorse their brands and celebrities are expensive to hire.

Hiring celebrities and other influential people for your ad can be very helpful for your brand because people can affiliate themselves with the celebrity after purchasing your product. Moreover, the overall reputation of a brand improves in the market which leads your company towards growth and profitability.


The internet has open doors to new opportunities that marketers can avail to advertise their product and brand. The Internet is by far the largest platform for marketing goods and services and it has completely revolutionized the way people advertise. People can watch videos, read newspapers online and even listen to radio broadcasts on the internet provided that they have a stable internet connection, click here to avail one if you are facing problems with your existing network.

The main concept of the advertisement is to spread awareness amongst the audience regarding a particular product so that the sales turnover can increase and the company can run profitability. Therefore, the ad should be reachable to more people in order to achieve a maximum turnover.

Social media platforms are very useful in this regard because ads can be made viral on websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You need to make your ad go viral on social media so that more and more people can watch and learn about your product and brand.

The internet can help you design your ad for newspaper and magazines as well. With the internet, you can search for ideas and the latest designs that are trending in the market and design the advertisement accordingly in order to get the attention of the audience.

Concluding it all…

Technology is advancing at a very fast pace and you need to cope up with the changing trends of the industry in order to stay ahead of your competitors in the market. Implementing the latest technology in your company gives you a competitive edge and you can easily outperform your rivalries. Therefore, you need to use the latest technological equipment to market your products and services as it generates sales and profits for the organization.

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