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How to Automate Your Sales Outreach Process

When expanding your sales volume, you need flexible and effective systems that can streamline the entire process. Automation of sales outreach helps to plan every phase of sales and marketing with efficiency.

Since building a robust portfolio of clients is a time-consuming process, you need to dedicate proper resources to make it happen. You need a personalized approach based on consistent communication with your clients.

Hence, using CRM-based data and syncing it with other tools can help to adopt the right approach.

Here’s how:

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Work Your Entire Sales Funnel

Automated Cold Emails

Suppose you have a pipeline of over 100 leads that you can target. Depending on their specific interests and buying patterns, you can create a tailored sales campaign. Here, you have to tweak the messages based on the demographics and needs of each prospect.

Though the initial sending of email may not be tedious, repeating this process again and again with several other prospects surely is.

An automated system such as cold email outreach software can save you from this cumbersome task. It allows you to upload the list of prospects and their email addresses in the tool to send personalized messages.

Also, you can set up sequences for following up with the customers who do not return your initial emails.

Automated Cold Calling

Cold calling may be an old-school method of sales outreach. But, it still holds its relevance in the digital landscape. In a survey, 57% of the buyers accepted that they prefer a call from the sales representatives. However, you needn’t stick to traditional methods of cold calling.

Instead, you can go for automated VoIP systems that send pre-recorded voice messages to the prospects. This system not only helps you to improve communications but also retains essential contact details in your CRM.

Automated Social Media Selling

Many B2B companies have leveraged social media platforms like LinkedIn to grow their client base. Nearly 84% of VP executives use social media to make important buying decisions for their companies. The process of handling various social media platforms with expediency is pretty complicated, though. There are hundreds of profiles to sort out and target.

But, you can make this process agile with automated systems that find the right people and send them the right messages at the right time. You can integrate the tool with your CRM to centralize the information and use automated direct messaging for marketing purposes.

Automated Follow-Ups

After targeting the leads with personalized messages, it is equally important to follow up with them through a second email. Sometimes, it may take you 8-10 attempts to reach the prospect.

Data says that nearly 80% of sales close after making 5-6 follow up calls. It is a vital aspect of the sales funnel, although it takes a lot of effort on your sales team if you adopt a manual approach. Hence, consider automation of follow up messages by sending a similar response to all the prospects.

Summing it up…

Remember, the buyers have evolved, and they are ready to adopt digital transformation in every aspect of life. They are better informed and smarter to demand more value from every seller. Dedicate your resources to fulfill their needs and create customized solutions that add value to their buying experience.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.