How to Avoid Fights between Founders?

Most of the startup people when decide to do business,  often associate a friend or a family member with it. To get the necessary funds, sharing responsibilities,  combining ideas to make a product and various other reasons contribute to co-founding startups.

No one sees problem in friends and family being the co-founders and in fact such relationships are much appreciated,  but as time goes by, unfortunate things might happen. The first-love harmony will diminish and this is a good field for animosities and trouble.



The discomfort may result as a split partnership if not managed properly. Let”s see how can the co-founders avoid fights by taking some simple steps!

1- Open discussions

The best way to get through and prevent fights with your business partner is to have a sincere talk all the time. Even if it might be easier to talk behind his back, refrain to do so. In case there is something that annoys you, go and have that chat.

2- Remember the good times

You may want to remember the reasons why you even started a business with this person. He might be qualified in a certain area or he had more financial resources. Try and see if these things are still there.


3- Analyse at your end

It may not be the other guy doing wrong, but you may not be seeing the full picture. List all the plus points and also the negative ones. Analyse the fact sheet and you will certainly have a better idea of how to fix conflicts without a fight!


You will probably find that conflicts are not as horrible as they seem. Finally, you need to know that these animosities will pass if you both work on it.

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