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Common Product Label Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that product packaging design is critical? If you’re a small business and need some help with designing labels on packaging, we can help.

This guide will go over common product label design mistakes to avoid.

Want to learn more? Keep reading.

Not Embracing Your Unique Selling Point

You should try and embrace the Unique Selling Point for your product. Use the USP when determining the design of your product label.

Even the product label will need to stand out from your competitors. For example, do you sell koozies? Look at highlighting your custom koozies.

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For example, some skincare products will focus on highlighting the natural element in the product. The brand might highlight how the product doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or uses a special extract.

Use your USP to inspire the product label. You might highlight the particular unique factor of your product in the label design. This way, the consumer will instantly understand what your product offers.

Forgetting Your Target Audience

When you design packaging, think about your market and audience. Who do you hope will become your customer? Think about these factors before you begin the design process.

Whether you sell online or in stores, this will affect your decision. You want the packaging to look fabulous on a shelf for in-store packaging.

Communicate what benefits come from using your product or service. Who will use your products?

Make sure your product label design aligns with your target market and buying habits. Keep your brand and colors in line with the packaging.

You Make Too Many Branding Changes

You might want to take change your new label. Yet, if you change up your label too often, you’ll end up confusing customers.

Your brand will have a certain identity. Don’t throw away the brand identity because you want a change.

Yet, little changes are helpful. Customers enjoy seeing new twists.

Your Design Is Too Busy

Minimalism won’t suit all brands, yet you should also avoid getting too busy with your brand. Some packaging patterns will appear chaotic and confusing.

You don’t want to confuse your customers.

You Have Typographical Errors

Obvious mistakes in grammar and spelling will cause problems. This is a top packaging design that you should try and avoid. Typographical errors will create a bad first impression on customers. Customers might think you are inattentive or unprofessional.

Build trust with customers by providing clear labeling. Otherwise, consumers won’t trust a company that has mistakes in its labels. They will wonder if the same inattention occurred when developing the product.

Make sure you always double-check the design. Ask a co-worker to look at it again for you.

Not Researching Your Competition

Spend time researching your competitors before you begin designing your product label. It’s a critical element to launching your product.

What is your product or service? Begin your search online and find the different products available. Do you have a commodity product? You can put it beside large brands, but avoid using similar labeling.

Understand what color schemes dominate your particular category. Then, you can figure out what color to pick and stand out.

You want the packaging also to encourage consumers to buy your product. You can offer something unique and different.

Research your competitors. What are they doing well? How can you offer something new or better?

What popular messages or colors seem to attract consumers? You’ll have an easier time attracting customers. Businesses should also think about the function and shape of the packaging.

How are you trying to reflect a message to your customers? Consumers might feel overwhelmed by all the different choices they need to make.

You Don’t Deliver on Your Sustainable Promise

Don’t waste money on unnecessary product labeling. Customers have become more concerned about making sustainable and environmentally-friendly choices.

Address these factors when deciding on the packaging. You don’t want your customers to become unhappy with your packaging.

Most businesses won’t think about the materials they use for the label packaging. This could end up affecting sales. Customers might buy from a company that promises sustainable options.

People have become unhappy with unnecessary plastic packaging. Brands need to align their label design and packaging with their values.

If you promise an eco-friendly option, make sure your packaging also aligns.

Businesses must find a sustainable option for their products. Materials like corrugated cardboard are helpful and a decent choice. You can recycle them, and they are also compostable.

Forgetting the Unboxing Experience

When you think about your label, you should also consider reaching out to influencers. A lot of consumers love to unbox a product live to their followers.

With your product label, capture the interest of consumers. You could also include different discounts or freebies for your customers. You can also customize your packaging.

Consumers share on YouTube or Instagram and reveal what they unbox in a particular box.

This will improve your customer’s experience, satisfaction level, and build loyalty.

A lot of customers love to spread the word about their business online. You can include product tips, branded paper, or use colors that you chose as brand colors.

Avoid Product Label Design Mistakes

We hope this guide on product label design mistakes was helpful. Consider offering your customers functional packaging while also reflecting your brand.

Encourage customers to unbox the product online and share it with their followers.

Are you looking for more helpful tips? Please stick around and browse our many different resources.


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