how not to run out of money
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How to Avoid Running Out of Money While Working on a Startup

Starting and running a startup is exciting; but only when you have a smooth cash flow! Remember that nothing else kills a startup faster than an insufficient cash flow. Your startup has life in it until the cash flow is proper and it will die right when you run out of money.

How to Avoid Running Out of Money While Working on a Startup

Precaution is always better than cure, so you should know how not to run out of money before you start seeing the signs that your startup may be dying.

So the first thing to do is to prioritize the options:

1- If cash is getting low, meet investors:

Startup funding is generally measured in time and every startup has a certain amount of time left before they run out of money.

find investors

You must know the amount you currently have and how much time you have left. This will keep on reminding you that how much effort you need to do to bring in more cash in specific time.

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2- If cash is balance for now, focus on growth:

Growth can mean different to startups based on their situation, i.e. it’s generally advancing to a visibly higher level. So, if you have a working prototype, move towards launching, if you’re launched, work on sales and if you have started selling work on improving sales.

focus on business growth

3- Fundraising should never end:

Explore new investors before you need money. Meet new people, and make most out of these meetings. If you don’t happen to find an investor in a meeting try to get introduced to someone from their contacts.

fundraising should never end

Once you know your priorities everything goes fine, however, you may need to consider few other careful options to make sure that your startup doesn’t run out of money. Here are some of those points:

how not to run out of money

Technically, fundraising for your startup should never stop, and this article on when is the best time to raise money for startup can better answer all your questions when to pace it up and when to slow it down.

The Bottom Line

Act wisely, know all about your startup cash flow and get it balanced by working the above mentioned areas, and your startup should not run out of money!

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