How to Avoid the Digital Content Rot

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Keeping Things Fresh Does Not Mean Throwing Away Your Best Content

We all know that fresh, engaging content is important to successful SEO. But if your existing content remains relevant, there is a simple way to keep it fresh and new. 

A major part of a successful digital marketing campaign is to create content that is relevant, engaging and fresh. Content that you know your target audience will want to read and that will bring traffic to your website and customers to your company.

But what if you have certain blogs that you know are a big success, and that are as relevant today as they were when you published several months ago? You might be worried that content has a sell-by date, and needs to be constantly changing.

This is true to a certain extent, but today’s freelance SEO experts will tell you that the key to a professional web copywriting service is to look at the content you already have and identify the best articles that can be republished. Here we take a look at the why, what and how of republishing content.

Why republish?

Some content remains evergreen. Whether you are discussing the pros and cons of working from home or giving a run down on the components of a successful SEO strategy, we have all published certain blogs that cover the basics perfectly and have proved hugely popular. To try to recreate these a few months later but in a slightly different way often makes no sense, and is a waste of time, money and effort.

You might be worried that readers will feel in some way “cheated” if you publish the same thing twice, but this is simply not something that happens in the real world. If someone is looking for some good content on a given subject, then they simply want to find it.

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You can even make a positive of the fact that it is being republished because it is so good, by heralding it with a caption such as “back by popular demand.”

What to republish?

It is all very well to say you should republish your most successful work, but at first glance, this might not seem to be as easy to identify for a webmaster as it might be for a best-selling author or a film producer.

Google’s ever-popular freemium service, Google Analytics, is a useful tool to tell the star performers from the lame ducks. Here, you can find out a whole variety of information, including how long visitors remain on a page and how many convert into paying customers.

How to republish

When choosing to republish a post, the first question to ask is what, if any, changes you need to make.

In some circumstances, there might be some minor tweaks to reflect the most recent industry developments or to update any trends or statistics that you have referenced. In other cases, it really is a case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

The next question is exactly when you want to publish them. Some companies schedule the “classics” to run periodically as part of their regular editorial calendar, while others choose the “back by popular demand” approach at specific periods, for example over Christmas or during a high profile industry event.

Speak to a specialist SEO consultant to find out how republishing content can help your campaign.

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