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How to Beat The Entrepreneurial Blues

We all feel a bit blue sometimes.

But for entrepreneurs, the blues are often caused by something ‘regular folk’ will never experience – the unique mixture of stress, joy, drive, lethargy and creativity that comes with building, running and managing your own business.

Overcoming said entrepreneurial blues is often made even more difficult by many an entrepreneur’s belief that they simply can’t afford to think about themselves.

Contrary to that belief putting yourself first is actually paramount, and it will drive the blues away. Here’s how:

Don’t believe everything you see and read online

Social media is fast becoming the number one cause of all anxiety, depression and stress in the world.

Granted, I am probably overexaggerating, but the truth may not be that far behind.

Instead of spending time scrolling through Instagram and awing over who has accomplished what on LinkedIn, try to take a step back and reevaluate.

First of all, most of these social media posts are a bit more shiny and bright than anything is in real life, but more importantly – no one talks about the hard times and all the difficulties in getting to where they are now.

The only person you need to compare yourself with is the one you were yesterday – and forget about all the fancy social media posts where everyone is simply killing it at their best life. No company or project is perfect, neither is any person.

Prioritize sleep over coffee

Entrepreneurs sleep less than most other people, thinking this will help them do more in a day. Yet they often forget that quality sleep will boost their productivity and output much more than another night of overtime ever could.

Interrupted snatches of sleep, burdened by to do lists and big dreams are no way to reach the goals you have set yourself. Instead, invest in establishing a healthy sleep routine and work on your sleep hygiene. A memory foam mattress will help you wake up rested and ready to tackle the next day.

Find time to stay fit

Apart from sleep, exercise is the other thing we cut out of our daily routine, in order to be able to do more at the office.

And similarly to a lack of sleep, a lack of exercise will not provide more time: it will make you feel more sluggish, less energized, and overall less productive.

As little as 30 minutes of exercise a day is enough to keep you healthy, and anything more than that will only do good for both your body and mind. Find an activity you actually enjoy doing, and never cut it out of your calendar, unless it’s an actual emergency. Once you get over the initial hump of sleepiness and tiredness, you will marvel at how much more you can get done in a day.

Work on your mindset more than anything else

Your mindset determines what your life will be like: more than anything else, ever.

If you only see the negative, if you focus on the things you haven’t done, or don’t have, or the things that have not turned out right, you will have a very hard time accomplishing anything, as you will be holding yourself down more than you know.

The key to living a happy and successful life is rolling with the punches. We need to focus on accepting the negative, the difficult, and the sad we are all going to face at some point in life. However, instead of letting this get us down we need to treat it as a learning opportunity and move on from it. If you keep dwelling on all the bad things, you will forever be stuck in the negative, and that will reflect on your company as well.

Final thoughts

Beating the entrepreneurial blues is not easy – and you will need to train yourself quite a bit – but once you accomplish it once, every following time will be easier and easier still.

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