How to Become an Eco Friendly & Green Business

Every year, April 22 marks Earth Day. Though started back in 1970, Earth Day became prominent among masses only a decade and a half back and the movement got a voice to emerging consciousness toward environmental issues.

We may see a lot of debates and talk shows on energy conversation, environment friendliness and more on this day, but it’s not just about a single day! As a startup or even an established small business, it’s about taking responsibility and pledging a green business!

green business 1

So here are some simple, yet, environmentally-friendly actions that can help your business go green, save resources and be more profitable!

1- Know the energy usage of your small business, aim to reduce that figure and work hard to achieve the goal!

2- Turn off all the equipment and machines when not in use.

3- Promote working in day light; it increases productivity while reduces the energy consumption!

4- Make it habit to turn off the lights before leaving the office; you will not just save bills but will also prevent an accident (that may be caused due to overheated equipment).

5- Say no to print hard copies of documents; promote cloud storage, USBs and centralized digital documentation.

6- Reduce your paper clutter by paying bills electronically; it’s not just waste reduction but a great ease too.

7- Prefer laptops instead of traditional desktop computers; they use less energy, are portable and convenient.

8- Use rechargeable batteries; save money and save the environment.

9- Avoid staples and promote paperclip when needed.

10- Donate or recycle your old electronics; let the needy benefit from technology while making the world greener.

11- Set up home office to save fuel, reduce air pollution, and decrease traffic.

12- Use public transport more often.

13- Use a bicycle; pedal more not just to save fuel and the environment but also to stay active.

14- If you own a car, consider carpooling with a colleague; share the cost and comfort!

green business 2

You can do a lot more depending upon your industry and the product/service, but to start, you must have to take a step as a person. Don’t wait for Earth Day or any other day; pledge today to make your business Green Business and start working on it right away!