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How To Brief An AI Essay Writer

There is a lot of stuff that you can loathe about your studies. The stress you have when preparing for exams. Assignments that you can’t get your mind around.

Professors that constantly nag you. But, probably, the most loathsome task that you can have is writing essays. Some people enjoy writing them, but still, students mostly dislike those assignments.

  • Difficult topics
  • Boring subjects
  • Inability to properly express their ideas
  • Formatting confusion
  • Lack of time

The first four points are the main reasons why students hate writing essays. But the lack of time may become a problem even for those who prefer writing on various topics.

You can be overwhelmed with other tasks, which prevent you from writing the paper on time. Needless to say that things get even more complicated when you have an odd job to pay your tuition and rent.

Here’s where essay writing services come in handy. But according to recent reports, essay writers for hire can become obsolete within a few years.

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Instead, you can entrust your paper to an AI essay writer to have more free time. Who needs humans when AI can do all the work? Yet, there are a few things you need to mind when using AI for essay writing purposes.

It’s Not Magic

There are several things you need to understand about AI before using it. AI essay writing tools provide you with a lot of benefits. It takes less time for the software to craft your paper. We’re not talking about hours; we’re talking about minutes.

And it’s less costly, as most AI tools are subscription-based. Depending on your plan, the subscription will cost you between $30 to $60 a month, which is cheaper than ordering four essays a month.

But with the benefits of speed and reasonable pricing come some disadvantages. AI lacks the imagination of professional human custom writers. Creating a compelling paper is not that easy for it.

Yes, it has access to all the information one may need for a writing assignment, and it takes seconds for it to analyze it. But still, man is so far ahead of the curve in terms of creativity! That’s why you can hire essay writers and be sure that your work will be done qualitatively!

But a good analysis doesn’t guarantee a perfect end paper. You need to know how to task your AI writer with assignments properly for it to do its job.

Get A Clear Picture of What Your Essay Is Going To Be

Yes, we know you want the AI to compose and write everything for you. But things don’t work that easily. You can rely on the tool itself, and it can craft a good essay for you. But the chances are that you’ll have to rework it. And when you end up redoing what the AI did for you, you cannot help but wonder why you didn’t write on your own in the first place.

That’s why, even before tasking the AI with your essay, you need to have a clear picture of what your essay is going to be like. Think about all the things that your essay must include.

It’s not that you need to craft the whole text on your own, but you need to have an idea about the introduction, main body, and conclusion of your essay.

Be Precise With Your Instructions

While everything depends on the AI tool of your choice, you need to be precise with your instructions if you want a submittable result. Don’t put the task as “Negative Impact of Social Media,” as AI may simply make a list of negative effects that social media has on our life. There must be particular points that you’d like to expand on. So, mention it in your instructions.

Another important aspect you need to mention if you want to avoid redoing the AI’s work later is the format of your essay. Gladly, most AI tools provide you with a section to choose the format.

If there’s special literature that you must use for the essay, make sure to mention it in the instructions. And double-check that the software did the citations correctly.

Opt For Segments Rather Than The Whole Text

AI tools for essay writing vary in abilities. Some promise to write an essay from scratch, while others function as a supporting tool to speed up the process.

If an essay written from scratch doesn’t satisfy you, don’t rush into browsing through the best paper writing services, as there are things AI can improve on. Why task it with the whole essay when you can task it with sections?

You get the entire idea of an essay but can’t find a way to expand on a particular aspect of it. Task the AI tool with it. When you instruct it to write a particular section of your essay, don’t forget to mention that it’s a segment of the text.

Yes, this way does not allow artificial intelligence to complete the essay for you, but you can speed up the process of writing by tasking the software with crafting parts of it.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, using AI for essay writing is not as easy as it may seem. On some occasions, you will have to rewrite what the software has written for you. On others, AI works better when you task it with certain parts of the essay.

In both cases, you need to remember to be precise about your instructions. But there’s a chance that you will need to use AI for creating drafts for your essay rather than for crafting a submittable paper.

It’s one of the few instances when the educational system is catching up with technological trends. Check out your college’s policy regarding the use of AI for writing assignments.

There are online checkers that can reveal whether the paper was written by humans or not. So, it’s up to you to decide whether using AI is worthwhile or not. Who knows, maybe it’s better to stick to essay-writing services while developers perfect the AI.

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