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How to Build a Product Review Website Using WordPress

Starting your own product review website can be one of the very profitable business ideas, however, it requires parallel efforts to make money from a review website. Please, be advised that you can start making money from a review website only when you establish it as a trusted source of information.

If someone told you to buy a domain and post copied reviews, stop right there, you will not be able to make any money from such a substandard website. Remember that you may rank a low standard website in search engine for some time, but you cannot turn it into a profitable business unless you offer something useful to the readers.

In case, if you are serious about creating a useful and informative product review website, this article will guide you through the process of establishing an authentic product review website that customers enjoy and so you can make good money!

Here goes the step by step process:

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Step 1: Find your niche; it is important to build an authority product review website in less time. If you go for a generic product review website that reviews almost everything, it will take a lot of time to develop it. Being specific to a niche, you have clear goals to achieve. Moreover, when advertisers plan to promote their products through product review websites, they consider niche websites.

While picking a niche, make sure that you don’t pick something vague like “health” or something with a limited scope like “laptops”, rather spend some time in researching and opt for a niche where competition is relatively low. You may build a big site with a list of products or a mini site like topproductslab focusing on 1 to 5 products. With more products, you have a lot of options to monetize the site, while mini websites are the best option when you are selling affiliate products.

Step 2: Get the product review website ready; well, it may not be a highly technical task if you are familiar with WordPress and you should be stepping forward as:

  • Buy a domain focusing on your niche, and also make sure that you are buying a good WordPress hosting. As your product review website grows and you start getting traffic, there are chances of downtime if your hosting is not a good one.
  • Once, done with the basics install WordPress.
  • Install necessary plugins like, All in One SEO, Social Media, Contact Form, Secure Login and Cache etc.
  • Install and activate a product review plugin and a matching website theme. When you search the WordPress plugins directory and the theme directory, you will find hundreds of options, but WP Review by MyThemesShop sounds a perfect option as it is being used by more than 90,000 sites and is being updated regularly.

Step 3: Work on content; as the website is ready, next step is to create high quality content. If you are someone with expertise in promoting the content, you may focus on promotion and hire a freelance writer to develop the content. Also, outsource content marketing, social media, and other laborious tasks, so you can work on strategy.

Remember not to be too salesy right in the beginning, and focus on informative reviews initially. Once you build visitors’ trust and gain some ratings on your reviews, you can work on monetization. The best way is to start with reviewing the products that you have personally used and promote your experience to build trust.

Step 4: Time to monetize; once you have a high-quality product review site up and running, you have a list of options to monetize your content. For instance:

  • Signup at Commission Junction and apply for the affiliate opportunities that match your niche.
  • Signup for Amazon affiliate program.
  • Find big brands in your niche and apply for their affiliate program, right from their website or ask them to send you samples for review.
  • Build your newsletter and get newsletter sponsorships from relevant advertisers.
  • Publish sponsored reviews and use a WordPress table when you compare products to make sure you emphasize the differences between them.  

The Bottom Line:

Setting up a product review website is a matter of a few minutes, but the actual challenge is to develop high-quality content and users’ trust. Once you have met these two challenges, money comes automatically.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.