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How to Build Quality Backlinks in 2023

So you’ve heard that backlinks are the real deal when it comes to SEO and web traffic. Now you understand that you need to leverage those authority sites or web directories to obtain the backlinks. But not just any site can help you achieve that; you need quality backlinks.

How do you earn those links and build your site ranking? The answer to this question is simply dedication, time, and energy. And now that you’re ready to give all those, let’s first understand what backlinks mean before proceeding.

What Are Backlinks?

Have you gone through sites before and noticed that they have links directing you to other sites? Those are backlinks.

These are links that make their connections from external websites. They’re also known as inbound links or incoming links. Some people simply understand backlinks as a vote for a website. The more the votes, the higher your website ranks on SEO.

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Google considers backlinks gained by specific sites when ranking pages. This means the more pages that link back to your site, the higher the organic search engine ranking.

But getting a site that votes for your page as quality, credible, and authoritative is not easy. This article takes you through a simple guide on how to get backlinks for your pages.

Content Is Key

When it comes to SEO, content is the first backlink checker. You need great content that will invite other people to link back to your site. Make your images, blogs, and every piece of your site interesting.

How do you do that?

Well, there is no magic to creating killer content. All you have to do is ensure originality and competitiveness. Collect your data, get creative, and see what you can do to turn that data into something worth posting for your audience.

Creating high-quality and competitive content starts with how well you craft your title. The title is the first thing your reader will see, and it should invite them to go through your work. Once you move to the body, try not to sound dull as you need to keep your readers glued to the end.

Make Use of the Power of Bloggers and Influencers

Influencer marketing for your brand is one of the powerful tools you can use to get quality backlinks. Influencers will not just help you drive traffic to your site and make sales. They are excellent sources of website backlinks that you must leverage.

Working with bloggers also helps you craft quality content and gain backlinking from their sites. Whether you want to work with bloggers on pay or they’re willing to offer their services free, this is an opportunity you cannot let go of.

Ask bloggers to post something on your site or review a product. Make sure you get those bloggers with high influential rates so that you don’t end up wasting your time.

Make Use of Outdated Resources

This is what we call the ‘moving man method.’ This may look like an outdated method, but it’s still highly applicable in 2022 for your SEO. The method works in a very simple way, get links from outdated content.

You need to find those outdated links in your niche. Some of these links might have rebranded or simply has outdated information. Get in touch with those pages that still make use of this information and steal their backlinks.

Your main business is to reach out to these sites, find out that their links are outdated, and point them out. Use the opportunity to direct them to your content. You’ll easily divert the attention from outdated links to your brand new, quality information.

Create Ultimate Guides to Get Quality Backlinks

Another way to build high-quality backlinks to your site is by creating ultimate guides. These are link magnets as no one is going to resist a guide.

Why the ultimate guides?

If you manage to come up with a comprehensive guide, you’ll capture a lot of information on a single page. Studies on SEO management conclude that long-form content performs better when it comes to Google ranking than shorter ones.

An ultimate guide will never be short because you must cover an entire topic on a single page. It’s like a ‘go-to’ resource that many people will link to whenever they write a related topic.

But to be successful with this method, you must choose a topic that has not been covered yet. The lesser the competition you have in your content, the higher the chances of gaining backlinks to your site.

Your Brand Mentions Can Be Quality Backlinks

If you post quality content, it won’t be hard for you to get someone to mention in you in a blog post once in a while. Well, not all these mentions will link back to your site. Those mentions without links are called Unlinked Brand Mention, and it’s your work to turn them into backlinks.

As soon as an author mentions you, it should be a sign that they like you or your content. These kinds of people are easy to get backlinks from, as all you need to do is send them a friendly email requesting them to link back to your site.

To know if someone mentions you, you can set up notifications to get an alert every time an author refers to your content. Constantly check the web pages linking to your site and do the necessary.

You’re All Set to Build SEO Backlinks in 2022

You need to skyrocket your SEO in 2022 by getting those quality backlinks. And now that you have the necessary strategies, it’s time you get to the action and acquire those site votes. External links aren’t becoming obsolete any time soon, and the early you start, the sooner you’ll improve your search visibility.

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