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How to Calculate the Cost of Quality Content on Your Business Blog

Before starting talking about the subject matter, let’s be very clear about the fact that we are not going to discuss the cheaper content tactics in this article, i.e. this is not about paying someone per 100 words or per article. We’re talking about the cost of content on a business/company blog that has it’s very own unique voice.

Well, when most of the marketing professionals are asked about budgeting for content, they judge content pricing based on what they’ve paid for an average creative for a specific business, or else the value of their own time they would have spent to create a particular piece of content!

Remember, content that has your business’ unique voice is neither free nor easy to be created, so do not expect it to be cheaper.


Things to Consider Before Calculating Cost of Quality Content on Your Business Blog:

  • Your blog’s content should portray the unique voice of your business and get writers to understand this takes time along with the expertise in your particular niche.
  • Without original, engaging, valuable and compelling content you cannot develop your unique voice.
  • Content on your blog must address the specific goals of your marketing plan.
  • Your content team should have at least one person with excellent working knowledge of the industry as well as expert command over content. Having this person is crucial, especially when developing your content marketing editorial calendar and such a person is a big yet highly valuable investment.

Calculating the Cost of Content

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Calculating the actual cost depends on your distribution of content production in-house and the content marketing outsourcing costs. Let’s see how to calculate the in-house costs first and then the outsourced.

Step 1: Identity how many staff hours does it take to write, edit & manage for the company blog.

Step 2: Figure out how much of the salary are those hours, i.e. Sam spends 20 hours and Maria spends 15 hours. Sam’s salary is $5000/m and Maria’s $6000/m. Assuming 160 working hours per month, $625 of Sam’s and $562 of Maria’s salary is your cost of blogging.

Step 3: If you simply get your content written by an industry expert, include their rate. But in case if an in-house employee is engaged in expert content acquisition, find his number of hours and calculate the portion of salary.

Step 4: Do include the rich media content costs as well, whether it is being produced in-house or is outsourced.

Step 5: Combine all the costs to get an accumulated value.
After completing all five steps mentioned above, you will have a clear picture of all the spending on quality content and calculating ROI on this investment will be matter of few minutes if you have outlined specific objectives for your business blog as discussed earlier.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.