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How To Change a Business Mailing Address with USPS

Business growth and several other changes in the company often lead business owners to move to a new location. Whether your company is growing big and you need more space, you want to move to a better location for cost and other benefits, or just in case if you want to move to a smaller space as a result of downsizing, the shift is extremely exhausting.

The period when you move your business to a new location results in little down time for your business, and the downtime may increase if you go unplanned. So, the best way to deal this is to identify all the aspects of moving and make the process smoother with thorough planning and preparation.

Well, regardless of the reasons for the move, a change of mailing address with the USPS is required. This is done so that all the necessary entities like banks, subscription services, utility bill services, credit card companies, insurance, DMV, IRS and so many others can get you at your new address.

Changing the USPS address is not a complex issue, and anyone can be able to do it with ease, however, the change will take approximately 5 to 10 days.

To help you with a smooth move, here are the several ways in which you can change your business mailing address with USPS on your own or with help.

Online On The Usps Website – the first and easiest way in which you can update your mailing address is on the official USPS website. The USPS keeps a record of all the old residential addresses. They can forward all mail to your new address, but the process might not be automatic for everyone.

Therefore, make sure you update your mailing address with them. For this service, the post office charges a small fee to verify your identity. This is meant to prevent fraud and ensure the person requesting the change of address is the real owner of the address.

You need a credit or debit card that can make the payment to complete the process. After the process is completed, you will get a confirmation email sent to your email immediately.

Using A Third Party Website– the other simple way for USPS change of address is via the use of a third party website. Third party websites and value to the change of address process because they do everything for you. They inform all the relevant entities like banks, DMV, IRS and insurance for you so do not have to go through that hassle.

Some of them also offer free change of address for a certain duration which is a good offer for those that move often. With a third party website you can rest easy knowing that everything required for your move is taken care of.

Make A Call – you can also call the USPS through their number at 1-800-ASK-USPS for your change of address. To change your address through the phone, the verification fee will be charged so that they can verify your identity.

Visit Your Post Office– the last way to change your address is through physically presenting yourself to the post office. At the post office, you should be given the movers guide packet which contains the PS form 3575. Fill in the form giving all the required details accurately. A confirmation letter is then sent to your new address within five business days.

The choice of the method to use here is a matter of personal preference. For businesses and those that have so many contacts to update with the new mailing address, a reliable third-party services provider will do more by updating all the required entities quickly for you.

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