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Is My Website Down? Here’s How to Check

Even though the Amazon site only went down for 40 minutes, it lost $4.8 million. If your business is down for an extended period of time, you could lose money as well.

But is your website down? How do you know, and what causes it?

Keep reading to learn all the things to check to see if your website access is shut down.

Check For Expired Domains

You should first check to make sure that your domains aren’t expired. For every website, you’ll need to purchase a domain name, and they normally come with an expiration date.

You’ll have to keep up with the maintenance of that website domain. Most registrations will give you a month of grace before expiration, but you’ll need to stay on top of it to ensure your site doesn’t go down.

However, your hosting provider might include domain registration as part of their maintenance services, so if you have that service, you may never have to worry about it.

Monitor the Page

You’ll also want to monitor the page constantly to make sure that it’s still running. You should do two types of monitoring: page speed and transaction.

When looking at the page speed, you’ll be able to see how fast your web pages are loading. This can help you optimize your pages to load more and use less bandwidth. If your pages are loading incredibly slowly, your website might be down.

You should also monitor how many transactions are happening on your website. If you notice that they suddenly plummet to zero, you might want to inspect why.

Use Other Websites and Tools

There are tools and monitors out there like useworkhero.com to let you know what the status of your website is.

These tools will check it to determine if it’s down and why. All you’ll need is the URL of your website, and then you’ll get answers in real-time.

Once the tool reads your website information and determines it is down, it’ll let you know why so you can fix it.

See if You’re Dealing With a Website Attack

Next, you’ll want to make sure you’re not dealing with a website attack. Small businesses are especially vulnerable because they normally don’t have a backup plan or an extensive IT network to deal with that.

The most common attacks are where people will flood the website with traffic to where the website crashes.

So if you know that you got an influx of too much traffic, this could be why your website is down.

Find Out More About: Is My Website Down?

Is your website down? These are only a few ways that you can check, but there are many other ways.

If your website is down, make sure that you repair it as soon as possible so that inbound traffic can make it onto your site.

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