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How to Choose the Right Colors for a Home Office?

Well, the color psychology is a real thing that impacts our day to day life; i.e. mood and energy levels. So, it is important to choose the right colors for your home office, because it is going to contribute to the overall productivity.

Let me first explain what impact different colors have and then you can better decide which one to select for your home office. Or else you may find a right combination in right proportion.

how to choose right home office color 2

Blue is peaceful, relaxing and calm. It’s generally not the ideal office color, because the room feels cooler and may urge you to sleep.

Green is considered to be neutral, evokes organic, fresh, restful emotions and can foster concentration. Bright and light greens are good option for home offices in smaller space, as they bring the fresh and lively look to the small area.

Yellow is kind of sparkling effect and grabs attention (have you ever wondered why most highlighters come in yellow?). Well, a balanced yellow evokes optimism, but a bright yellow may be distracting. Lime can be very refreshing is used in combination with white and green.

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Red is energetic and exciting, however, the excess red can be disturbing. So if you plan to paint a whole wall in red, make sure the other walls and accessories are light and refreshing!

how to choose right home office color 3

Orange is cheerful, confident and lively, but alone it won’t make any good impact. It does need another color for the right combination.

Purples evoke wisdom and imagination. Purple or lavender tones cross the line between warm and cool tones and can evoke a favorable response when focus and concentration are required. This should be the perfect color for a creative business setup.

Pink is assertive and strong yet feminine and evokes warmth and calm. A cool option for mompreneur!

Brown, Grey and Black are friendly, yet conservative. Since they are duller, they do not suit a home office in enclosed space. Ideally if your home office has a big window and plenty of natural light coming in, you can use these colors.

White is pure, cool, comfortable, energetic, bright, motivational, fresh, easy and clean and can go for almost just any type of home office.

how to choose right home office color

Whatever the color combinations you want to go for, it’s important to test the colors on the wall in large enough areas to ensure compatibility. Besides that, there hard and fast rule for color associations, it always depends upon your likes and compatibility.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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