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How to Convince Your Boss to Change Energy Suppliers

If you are a startup business manager, cutting overhead costs must be one of your top priorities. Cutting energy costs is the major step in this context and by doing so, you are not just improving the profitability of your business, but also developing a socially responsible setup that aims to support the community.

So, after doing your research, you are convinced that changing the gas or electricity supplier would be beneficial for your business. You can compare electricity rates at and switch your provider to start saving. Convincing your boss to make the change will require strong arguments. In this article, we explain how the process can be clear, simple, and effective.

Convince Your Boss To Change Energy Suppliers: Arguments To Adapt To The Situation.

If your company uses more than 36 kVA of electricity and 300 MWh of gas, contracts energy are necessary offers to market. The prices regulated sales (TRV) were indeed removed in 2016 for electricity and 2015 for gas, in many parts of the UK and Europe.

By ignorance of the competition that exists on the market for energy, many sites have simply switched from TRV to supply to market offered by incumbents. This simple shift does not provide the best prices offered by alternative energy suppliers as we explained in detail in this article.

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As energy suppliers are sensitive to the volume and duration argument, your company is likely to be offered at significantly lower prices than the incumbent.

For SMEs-SMIs or TPEs that remain with the TRVs, giving up this pricing is accompanied by two major advantages. Consume less than a large industrial site does not prevent you from enjoying the best prices on the market. The suppliers alternative can offer a price on gas or electricity perfectly suited to your business. A change of gas or electricity supplier can worry your boss, even if the risks are zero.

One solution is to register for one of the many group purchases, which simplifies the selection of supplier offers as well as the negotiation part. You will find on the Simply Switch business energy website, the information on group purchases.

Convince Your Boss To Change Energy Suppliers: An Identical Distribution.

An essential point of your argument is to reassure your boss. Getting out of the fold of the historical suppliers may be financially attractive, but a certain apprehension about the distribution of energy can slow down the decision.

It is therefore important to specify that a supplier change does not change anything concerning the routing of gas or electricity, this assignment being assumed in the same way by the same carrier, then by the distributor who is companies of state.

It is also the latter who continues to act during maintenance work or in the event of an incident on the network. From the connection to the meter reading (which is not to be changed), it is also the distributor who remains the only authority to intervene. The only change concerns the price lower associated with a different title of the supplier on invoices’ customer.

Convince Your Boss To Switch Energy Suppliers: Why Lower Prices?

It makes sense for your boss to ask you about the reasons that allow a provider alternative to offer prices more lower than an old operator. You will explain that unlike TRV, the prices of supplier’s energy alternatives are indexed on the price of market wholesale.

One more alternative supplier is, therefore, to be able to negotiate prices according to the volumes of energy purchased. This energy comes from local, European and possibly EDF producers through Regulated Access to Historical Nuclear Electricity (ARENH). This device allows regulated access and reduced the cost of electricity produced-nuclear gauge products and facilities.

Convince Your Boss To Change Energy Suppliers: It’s Simple And Worry-Free!

Whether on TRV or offers to market, the procedure for change of supplier is extremely simple, the termination of the previous contract and the effective date of the new being done without interruption of the supply.

Just set the date change supplier to benefit from the new rates and terms. Nothing to change regarding your installation, the distributor being simply informed by the supplier.

The Bottom Line:

Switching to better energy suppliers can transform your startup into more profitable and a greener business, and I am sure, you can better convince your management on this with the above tips.

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