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How to Create a Killer Media Kit for a Startup

Media launch matters most for any startup looking to acquire users faster and get on the rapid growth track. However, only a few startups make it happen and those who succeed have a killer media kit.

To create a killer media kit, you need to take care of the following points.

killer media kit

1- Highly Effective Media Advisory:

It should include major and important points about the product, the company and its success, i.e. how the product is changing the world and why it is important.

Support your pitch with concise background information, i.e. the idea, and detailed product features.

Moreover, include high resolution images, i.e. logos and product screenshots to make it more appealing and highlight the important points with imagery where needed.

You must know the fact that mostly writers and journalists just skim through the media advisory section, so take good care of formatting, text size and presentation. Making this section effective means increasing the chances of story coverage.

killer press kit 1

2- Founders Bio & Photos:

Include a brief about their achievements and success story with the stats. Also link the product with their expertise and past work. What is the driving force behind the company and how have their beliefs shaped it to become the success it is now? Include their photos, Twitter handle, links to Linked in profiles etc.

3- Make Everything Easily Accessible:

Make sure that following information is readily available in correct manner:

  • Company Name
  • Website
  • Company Twitter Handle
  • Other Social Media Links
  • Fees (if applicable)
  • High resolution images for download
  • Links to major media coverage
  • Launch date (if applicable)

If you’re done with the above points and reading these lines, I hope you are able to create a killer media kit for your business by now!

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