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How to Create Effective & Result Oriented Video Ads

Earlier, I discussed the importance of having a well thought video marketing strategy, which is a must for almost every small business and startup. As a startup or small business owner, you have a limited advertising budget and so you have to be sure that you’re using the available resources effectively.

A good video ad is not just a visually engaging way to attract prospects, but it can also prove to be an inexpensive approach to promote your brand to a broader market segment. With an effective video ad on social media sites, e-mails, and other on other websites, you can achieve a viral growth with little effort. And, the crux is that in order to witness a viral growth for your brand, effective video ads are must have contents.

This article will particularly guide you through tips and ideas if you are looking for answers to the queries like:

  • How to create a short advertising video
  • Effective video advertising
  • How to make an effective video advertising
  • Creative advertising ideas for video
  • Best video marketing ideas for social media campaigns

Well, you will find answers to the above questions as well as some bonus tips to create and run effective and highly yielding video ads. Let’s start step by step:

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Step 1: Understand what makes a great video ad; it is important to know what makes a video ad more effective and the stats show that view-ability and audibility the key factors that determine the effectiveness of a video ad. It means, the content of your video should be something really awesome.

Step 2: Start working on content; remember that video ads are all about storytelling, but not everyone might be interested in listening unless they find it interesting. So, prepare your content for storytelling with and without sound.

Step 3: Be creative: many videos go viral due to a smart and well-timed joke; consider this option if you can actually do it. Otherwise, getting it done by someone with proven track record. For instance, these two top Fiverr sellers (hadar13way and pickera) are offering high quality funny video ads for under $100. You may also order directly from and get 20% instant discount by using “STARTUPGUYS” as a discount code.

Check this sample ad by 13way for a quick idea of what to expect:


Step 4: Consider the timing: everyone is busy these days, even people who are just having fun on Facebook are busy having fun and might not be interested in watching a video unless something attracts their attention in first few seconds. Making an impact in the first few seconds is highly important, i.e. if your video ad doesn’t make an impact in first five seconds, it is very likely to be ignored by the audience. You may create separate discovery videos which you can link within short video ads, but focus more on taking advantage of short videos!

Step 5: Highlight what makes your brand great; you can creatively exhibit your product/service feature.

Step 6: Use a call to action; be advised that an effective video ad may always not generate a lead, but can result as a social share, like or comment.


The Bottom Line:

Video ads shared on social media and other online platforms can produce a way bigger viewership than that of a TV commercial and that for a fraction of the cost! But, it may not work that well, if you don’t have good video ads. Remember, that when it comes to making most out of video ads using social media, investing in production is the key to success. Constant learning is the only way to create better video ads, but being a startup on a tight budget and having strict schedules you may not find it wise to do it yourself and getting it done by an expert should work much better.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.