How to Deal with Fear of Growth

Lot of startups fail even having a successful launch and a steady initial business and the reason is un-managed growth. Whatever you are starting up will need growth in order to survive and that’s what you must be prepared.

Since it’s a must for survival, Growth is just unavoidable. However, many startups cannot succeed just because they are either afraid of the growth or have no planning for the same.


One of the reasons for startups stagnant growth and ultimately a failure is entrepreneur’s fear of growth.

1. You must realize that growth is a success and not a failure.

2. Then you need to identify exactly what it is you fear about Growth.

3. Planning for growth not only wipes out the fear but also places you on a success track.

4. Concentrate on what you want, not what you do not want.

5. You need to build a support team who can help with the growth.


You grow if your business grows; so devise a plan for your growth and it will end all your fears related to growth.

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