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Falsely Accused of a Crime? – Read How to Defend Yourself Now

A false accusation charge against you will get you into immediate trouble. However, in the long run, if you bounce back and prove yourself innocent, you can actually land the false accuser behind bars.

In Australia, making a false accusation can have a boomerang effect on the person filing the charges. It’s an offense under Section 314 of the Crimes Act 1900. The maximum punishment for the same can be at least seven years in prison.

However, defending yourself when accused of a crime is not easy. Most of the leading lawyers in Australia suggest that the accused person still needs to be very cautious about every step after the charges are put on them.

Here in this article, people can read about everything that they need to do to defend themselves.

1: Stay Calm and Avoid Speaking Publicly

It is devastating to be falsely accused of heinous crimes like child abuse or sexual harassment. Indeed, it affects the accused person’s mental and physical health. And the most common human response in such an incident is to fight back to defend yourself, often in an aggressive/arrogant way.

However, before you let your emotions do something odd or speak publicly about the matter, restrain yourself. That’s because even if you feel justified in doing so, it will only provide more ammunition for your opponent party to use evidence against you. Therefore, remain as calm and silent as possible.

2: Hire a Professional Defense Attorney

Consulting with a professional law firm is the first thing you must do after being charged with false accusations. Whether it is a criminal case or a civil matter, the first step to protecting yourself should be hiring an attorney.

Going alone to the courtroom might not be the wisest idea when attempting to clear your name. This is mainly because you will be facing the heat of a rival lawyer.

Moreover, an experienced attorney will know about the laws and the best way to counter your charges. Your attorney might inform you about what ‘Criminal Defamation’ is and how it can be charged against the accuser.

To explain – Section 529(3) of the Crimes Act 1900 is called Criminal Defamation. It is a punishable offence and holds a maximum penalty of 3 years in prison.

3: Gather Every Bit of Evidence

Always keep meticulous records of received emails, texts, phone calls, and anything else from the accuser. This is critical for those going through a divorce or child custody case. These are important because those will remain evidence of how you acted when false accusations were made against you.

Ensure that you send all these to your lawyer. Also, keep your lawyer updated and informed about everything without hiding anything. If the accuser asks you to meet anywhere, avoid it first-hand and, second, inform your lawyer about it.

The End Line

In a country of more than 25 million people, false accusations and defamation cases are quite common in Australia. It is unfortunate that someone is wrongfully charged on any matter they might not have committed. Nevertheless, with the help of the leading lawyers in Australia, you have chances to save yourself. Ensure you stay in touch with professional law firms to act fast in times of need.

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