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How to Develop a Super Productive Startup Team?

New startups emerge every day, and many startups are closed on daily basis as well. The only way for a startup to grow to the next level is to acquire sufficient users and retain the customers by offering them something of great value.

How to Develop a Super Productive Startup Team?

The main focus of any start-up business is to show value to their customers and keep their employees happy at the same time, because startup employees are the key people who are responsible for startup growth.

Remember, your customers value the results you deliver through your team. Your team is your company, not the products nor the services that the company provides.

Building your team and sustaining their productivity is a key challenge not only for start-ups but also for large enterprises. It is more challenging for new business because of the limited budget, start-ups can’t afford non-productive teams.

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To develop your super productive team you go through the following three phases. Details of each phase can be found by clicking on the link!

Phase 1:

Finding Right People for Your Startup; because selecting the right team is a key for success and the cornerstone for the remaining phases. This is probably the most difficult phase, as hunt for the right startup team is not as simple as it may seem.

Ideally, you should outline the job descriptions as a top priority, and then look for people who meet the criteria for this description. You may do this yourself through posting ads on various job portals and social media platform or else, getting help of a hiring agency that specializes in startups can be quite time saving.

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Phase 2:

Building an Effective Startup Team; once you have the right people, it’s time to assign the right task to the right person. Here it is essential that every newly hired employee should get proper training. You can organize employee training sessions and can guide them through employee handbook and other written materials as well.

This article on employee orientation tips is a quick yet valuable piece of information for building better team. Moreover, you should always work motivating and engaging employees in the most productive way.

Phase 3:

Sustaining the Team Productivity; in order to grow your statrtup, you must sustain the productivity within the team. If sustainability is maintained the growth is obvious!

Employee engagement is the key to sustain team productivity, and there are a lot of team building techniques to engage employees with your startup, i.e. field days, hoverboard fun, gym at workplace, or giving them additional responsibilities like collaborative hiring, etc.

The Bottom Line:

Building a great startup team and sustaining it’s productivity is a continuous process and so, it needs a periodic review of your strategy. Remember, the key to success is highly engaged and motivated employees.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.