How to Develop a Team of Leaders for Your Startup

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No matter how big or small a company is, the true measure of the founder’s success is his ability to make every member of his team to feel and act like a leader in his or her domain. This is what known as “Autonomy”.

By establishing an autonomous culture, you don’t just streamline the company’s workflow, but also put in on a rapid growth track. Assume, you started something alone, but now you have multiple brains working in the same direction on exactly the same goals as of yours.

It’s also important to establish autonomous teams because, you are sprinting against time, capital, and competition. When the team is required to approve every decision by upper management, the speed of workflow reduces automatically. So, it’s important to make the individuals feel empowered and capable of making on the ground decisions.

team of leaders

This article will discuss the ways to establish autonomous team; whereby every team member can take responsibility as a leader and together they speed up the workflow and put the organization on rapid growth track.

1- Hire passionate people; a highly productive autonomous team starts with choosing the right members. Look for team members who are passionate about your project.

2- Organize periodic meetings: just to reinforce that support is available to autonomous team members. Weekly or biweekly are ideal to stay updated as well as reducing time waste.

3- Reward is very much important, let it be in terms on money or anything else, i.e. time off, the opportunity to work from home, premium parking space, bonus on project completion or recognition in meetings and ceremonies.

team of leaders

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4- The open door management; thought they are already very much responsible, maintaining an open-door policy can help employees feel comfortable with self-management responsibilities.

5- Allow them to assign tasks to you.

6- Build trust; give the marketing team a credit card with a budget if needed.

7- Focus more on goals and objectives and less on to-do-lists and deadlines.

By giving individuals the freedom to own their roles while simultaneously knowing that they have their unwavering support is the key to develop a team of leaders which is an essential to take your organization to the next level!

8- Invest in Development Opportunities. You can leverage various higher-learning institutions in order to help employees develop their careers or up their skills. By investing in programs , like an online degree in organizational leadership, not only will you be investing in your employees, but in your company through its future leaders as well.

The Bottom Line:

A highly productive startup team is the most precious asset for any new business, and as a business owner, you must ensure that your team is growing in parallel with your business. Investing in your startup team yields as faster yet sustainable growth, which is the ultimate goal of any startup. So, if you are a startup founder and want to grow your business rapidly, make sure to turn your core employees into a team of leaders!

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.