How to Devise Successful Online Lead Generation Strategy for Your Startup

Startups want to hit the ground running with an overflowing pipeline of Internet sales leads.

One reason the hoped-for pipeline turns out to be a trickle or a dry hole: the Internet marketing campaign is missing key elements. We at Straight North, the Chicago search engine optimization company created the Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem infographic to help marketers visualize the whole, complicated process — and thus make it possible to create SEO, PPC, email marketing and other campaigns that produce results. Here is a high level breakdown of the infographic:


  • The top row of hexagons show all of the sources of traffic to a company’s website. You don’t need to tap into all of them — the key is to concentrate on ones that offer your startup the best conversion potential.
  • The second row illustrates the possible Internet marketing campaigns at your disposal. Again, the key is selectivity.
  • In the center is the company website, and all the forms of content used to attract leads. Which types of content will generate the highest number of high quality leads — answer that correctly and you are well on your way.
  • Below and to the right of the website hexagon are the process elements of a campaign: the blocking and tackling elements of managing data, testing and campaign improvements. All of these pieces must be in place for a successful campaign.

Here’s the detailed infographic.


This article is authored by Bri’an Fields, Content Marketing Specialist at