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How To Extend Your Wi-Fi Range

In the United States, over 80% of the adult population uses the internet on a daily basis.

For many of us, the internet is more than just a place to connect to friends and family, it is a place for work. If you work online, having wifi is essential, but what if your signal doesn’t reach far enough? If you’re having trouble, you need to know how to extend your wifi range.

What can you do to make sure that you have an adequate wifi signal to reach your entire house or the yard around it?

How Far Does WiFi Reach?

Most wifi range is limited to 150 ft when inside, and about double that if outside. Obstructions like internal walls and other structures can also block or limit the range of wifi. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure that your WiFi has the best possible range.

1. WiFi Range Extender

It is possible to buy and install a wifi range extender that will boost the signal reaching your devices. This can help to mitigate the issue of obstructions and basic range issues. It will also improve the signal that is reaching your phone or computer.

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This is one of the most basic ways when it comes to how to extend your wifi range.

2. Additional Router

You can extend your wifi range by adding another router. This is a device that all of your electronics and computers can connect to. If you need additional wifi range or capacity, installing another router to your home system may be enough to solve your problem.

The downside to this is that routers can be expensive. They will cost more than an extender, but the results will speak for themselves. When you get two or more routers together they form a wifi mesh network by Andrew Dunn, Vice President of Marketing at Zentro Internet.

3. Move Your Router

The location of a router can often be a problem. If it is nestled into a corner or not centrally located in the home the signal may not reach as far as it should. If possible, move your wifi router around, and see if that gives you a wifi range extension.

You can also try to change the elevation of your wifi. If your home has half walls or retaining walls and your wifi router is sat low they can present further obstruction.

4. Upgrade Router

If you have an old 2.4ghz router, you can always upgrade to a 5ghz model. This will improve the signal strength and ensure that it reaches further. This will also improve the signal that is reaching each of your devices.

Have Your System Tested

If you continue to have wifi issues, you can have your system tested. There are businesses that specialize in analyzing and surveying wifi networks. They could present you with wifi range extension tips and help you better understand what the problem is.

A great example of this is offered by

How To Extend Your Wifi Range

Often the steps above will solve the problem of how to extend your wifi range. If they don’t, you can look deeper into the problem with a survey or analysis of the system.

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