How to Find Best Suppliers in China through, without any doubt is your one stop solution for all the purchases from China. You may be seeing tens of other platforms in search engine advertising and elsewhere, but belive me, they are not as trusted as

The reason for being highly trusted is their strong scam filters and seller’s reputation system beyond the highly optimized shipping anf delivery system.

Now when you are on, still you need to be careful while buying from various suppliers. This article will guide you on how to find if the supplier is legitimate or not. Let’s start;

how to find right suppliers in china

1- Consider Gold suppliers only; no matter how perfect deal a non-gold member is offering.

2- Considering point 1 alone will help you avoid 98% of the scams, additionally you may consider the factory certifications and so on. But that is really not that important.

3- Filter suppliers based on point one and find one who offers cheap samples.

4- Consider supplier who are willing to provide small samples only.

5- Although with a Gold supplier, you are already safe, but since this is your first time with him and you are also looking for a small sample, prefer suppliers who offer PayPal payments.

Keep the points in mind while selecting suppliers and you will certainly not have any problem.

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