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How To Find The Right Gun Safe For Your Home

The number of gun owners has gone through the roof, with many enthusiasts now holding collections worth thousands of dollars. This then makes it imperative to invest in a gun safe that is strong, reliable, and able to protect their guns and other valuables from damage.

Although most gun safes look the same from the outside, they differ significantly in quality of construction, available storage space, and the ability to protect your guns from fire, theft, or humidity.

That then means that it’s essential to carefully consider your requirements and check out reviews at sites such as article explains the features that you should look out for when searching for the perfect gun safe.

Gun Safe Size


You may be thinking of buying a gun safe that can hold your current collection, but you need to think beyond that. A gun safe is a long-term investment, and we suggest that you look for a bigger safe size than what you currently need.

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This will then allow you to use your gun safe for many years, even when your collection becomes much bigger than it is today.

Don’t forget that you might also need a safe to store other personal items like jewelry, important documents, or family heirlooms.

Buying a gun safe for your home with more space than you currently need is a wise decision – one that will also eliminate the hassle of removing your old gun safe only after a few years.

Fire Protection

A good fire rating is an essential feature for any gun safe. The very minimum fire rating you should be looking for should give you at least an hour’s protection because only then will it be able to keep your guns and valuables safe in case of a fire.

We highly recommend choosing a unit with the highest fire rating that your budget will stretch too.

Level of Security

gun safe security

Several factors determine how secure a gun safe is. The simple fact that it is constructed from steel is not enough – you also need to consider the thickness of the steel used in the construction.

Then also check for hard-plate lock protection and door defense system to prevent break-in attempts.

Top-quality door defense systems include:

  • clutch drive systems that protect the safe’s locking mechanism from damage when pressure is applied to the handle
  • hard-plate lock protection that hinders attempts to punch out or drill the lock
  • lock pressure relievers that protect the lock from damage when pressure is applied to the door’s bolts.

Gun safes made from 14-, 16-, or 20-gauge are not typically reliable as they can be easily compromised with an ordinary screwdriver or hammer. Meanwhile, a gun safe constructed with 11-gauge steel will provide adequate protection to your guns and valuables.

Not all safes are constructed with these safety measures, and it is vital to research thoroughly before buying to make sure that the safe contains the safety features you want.


Not all gun safes come with a warranty, and neither are all warranties equal. Some manufacturers offer warranties on particular components of their gun safes, and even those typically apply for only a limited period of time.

Make sure that you read the fine print and choose a unit that offers a lifetime warranty or covers the main parts of the safe.

Where Should You Place Your Gun Safe

gun safe

Placement of your gun safe also requires careful consideration. You should choose a place where the safe is protected from:

  • Water and Humidity damage – Water and humidity can damage your gun safe. Use a dehumidifier to help with this issue. Also, if you live in an area prone to flash floods, it is best to avoid putting your gun safe in the basement.
  • Fire damage – Keep your gun safe as far as possible from fire sources like fireplaces, kitchens, and flammable chemicals. During fires, there is always a danger of the roof collapsing. This is why it is best to keep your gun safe well away from any rooms with a high risk of fire.
  • Burglary – Gun safes are very often damaged during a burglary. That means that you should look for a unit that can be bolted directly to the floor, making it impossible for anyone to move the safe without the proper tools.

We highly recommend keeping your safe out of sight. Also, be sure to take measurements of the area where you want to keep the safe before buying so that it fits without any difficulty.


Would you feel comfortable placing your priceless gun collection in any old gun safe, or would you rather invest in a reliable and robust unit that gives you peace of mind that your weapons are safe and secure?

Don’t forget that a good quality gun safe will not only protect the contents from theft or fire damage but will also ensure that children are kept safe with access to your firearms being completely restricted.

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