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How to Find the Right People for Your Startup

The moment one decides the need to recruit is very exciting. The principles are; we have the budget and we know what is required from the person we are recruiting.

If you are a startup or even an established small business with a healthy cash flow, you should start your hiring only after fulfilling the required principles.

Remember that selecting the right team is a key for your startup success and the cornerstone for the remaining phases.


When you select people for your startup, always look for:

1. People who believe in your core values: the person should believe in the business vision and objectives which have to be clearly communicated.

How to Find Such People: The best way to evaluate the response is through body language, acknowledgment and disagreement with core values are not usually communicated verbally.

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2. Team coherence: if you already have a team and you are adding a new member consider the current working environment, business culture, and ethics.

How to Find Such People: Ask yourself, can the new team member blend in within the existing team. It is always good to have someone else to interview the shortlisted candidates. Meet them more than once, change the interview location every time because people act differently in different locations.

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3. Ability to motivate: you should be able to motivate the person that you want to be part of your team.

How to Do This: Ask yourself what incentives can boost the productivity of this person? Can I afford it? Try to validate the productivity drivers during the interview.

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In general as a start-up business owner, look for rain makers. People who take responsibility and deliver, they adapt to the situation and deal with the limitations, i.e. those who are solution oriented not just the problem identifiers.

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