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How to Generate B2B Leads from Facebook

“Facebook doesn’t work for B2B”, is one of the most common misconception about B2B Lead Generation using Social Media that we hear on an on.

Those who tell you this; either don’t know about B2B Lead Generation or else they don’t know how to use Facebook effectively.

How to Generate B2B Leads from Facebook

Business to Business is still Person to Person (P2P), and what else can be a better option than Facebook for P2P marketing!

Well, Facebook does help you generate solid B2B leads and sales, but you need to know the options that works better on Facebook. This article will discuss all those points in details that contribute to successful B2B lead generation using Facebook.

I’ve summed up all those points below as a simple guide to Generate B2B Leads using Facebook.

1- Develop Your Content Strategy

Strategy is the first step for just anything and so is the case with B2B Lead Generation with Social Media.

content strategy is a must for b2b marketing

Effective Content Strategy is Actually Your Facebook Marketing Strategy!

Developing your content strategy means:

  • a- Segment your audience based on demographics, interests and activities.
  • b- Identify the type of content for each segment.

2-  Content Doesn’t Mean the Text Only

People believe more on what they see and they don’t have much time to read those long lines on Facebook. Visuals work great here.

be more visual

If you still have any confusion on this point, you might want to read details on How Less Text Gives More Conversions!

Know how to tweak the same content for posting on different Social Media platforms. Leverage the power of video marketing to increase social media engagement.

Moreover, contest marketing can be a great way to boost your Facebook page, and again you need well thought content for contest marketing.

3- Do Not Attempt to Generate Lead with Every Other Post/Avoid Hard Sell

Imagine if you have liked a page and everyday you see a post with “Hire Us” stuff!

Ultimately you will unlike the page!

avoid hard sell

So, mix the Lead Generation and Non-Lead Generation Content. Remember, that the more you engage your audience the wider reach you get. Here are some of the examples of direct and indirect engaging content that a B2B business can share on Facebook Page.

Direct Lead Generation Content

  • eBook
  • Whitepaper
  • Checklist
  • Free Product/Service
  • Product Related Videos

Indirect Lead Generation Content

  • Photos
  • Industry Related Videos
  • Timely Visual Content (Just Anything Treading)
  • Polls
  • Contests
  • Third Party Content
  • Event Invite

4- Create Thoughtful Content

Whatever the percentage of direct and indirect content you set, make sure that each piece of content is thoughtful enough to attract the attention of your audience.

Facebook videos are becoming more popular now, and you can even have your entire content marketing strategy based on videos if you have strategy and resources. Here you can find more about effective video marketing.

create thoughtful content

5- Set an Effective Lead Capturing System

This means you should establish the lead generation funnel for each segment and in fact for each post. So, you should have all the signup forms ready and working on your website.

capture leads

6- Know How Facebook Options Work

When Facebook promotes its platforms as “Facebook for Business”, it has all the elements to entertain the B2B audience too.

what works on facebook

7- Run a Test to ensure Technical Perfectness

You need to confirm that all the links, email capturing forms and auto replies are working perfect.


8- Know the Schedules of Your Audience

It is of prime importance that your post are live when your audience is online. Depending upon the geographic time differences and other factors you need to work on it.

social media schedules

a- Use facebook insights to track the time.

b- Run a google search to find stats about the social behaviour of your audience.

c- Install Google Analytics on your website and track visitors from there.

9- Have Realistic Goals

Realistic goals are those that can be measured and have a specific time frame.

realistic goals

You must be aware of the fact that using social media doesn’t mean instant lead generation and then finished. Social Media is all about keeping your audience engaging so they talk about you and then you keep on generating leads as a result of social sharing (like in offline world it’s Word of Mouth)

So, DO NOT set leads as the only goal!

Have some non-lead goals too, i.e. Likes, shares, comments and people reached etc.

10- Once a Post is Live, Work on Increasing Its Reach

That’s where you should be looking to use the “Boost Post” option!

boost posts on facebook

But wait! That’s not it. You may be underestimating the power of Facebook groups. Well, these groups are equally effective for B2B marketing as they are for B2C sellers. There are hundreds and thousands of region and niche specific groups where your content can create buzz!

11- Get Your Connections on Facebook Page First

Having link to your Facebook Page in your email signature, website and other online platforms makes it easier for the to like the page.

invite people to like facebook page

Other than having links online, using QR codes and simple Facebook page addresses on business cards, pamphlets and other offline marketing materials also increases the chance that the people who have those papers with them will visit you on Facebook Page.

12- Retargeting People Through Email

So, you have a mailing list that you compiled out of the day to day inquiries people made via your website and in other ways! Why not to add those people in your Facebook friends’ list and invite them to like your page. Here’s more detail on remarketing using Facebook Ads.


Facebook ads do this automatically, however the tip works in case if you are not running ads for now!

13- Leverage Facebook Connect

Getting people signup on your website using Facebook connect is the best available option to get them like your page instantly while getting their working email in your list as well!

use facebook connect

14- Connecting Your Blog with Facebook

It’s not just auto updating your Facebook page with recent blog post, but also to enable users to post comments on your posts if they are logged in on Facebook.

use facebook comment plugin

15- Finally Using Facebook Ads

It’s easier and simple to do, but it won’t work if:

a- You do not have a great ad copy.

b- Call to action is missing or is not effective.

c- Your facebook page doesn’t have authority and is deceptive!

facebook ads

To start using Facebook ads, you might be interested in Free Facebook ad coupon.

Depending upon your business model you can do a lot more on Facebook, but I am sure all of the above will surely work for generating mature B2B leads in all the cases!

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