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How to Generate Business from Linkedin

Do you want to generate more business leads from Social Media?

Have you tried getting business from Linkedin without spending any money? Most of the people do try but fail just because of the reason that they don’t know the effective use of a free Linkedin account. Linkedin ads may cost you a lot and you might not have a huge marketing budget for your startup initially.

Starting with Linkedin to market yourself and your business with a free Linkedin account a s great way to cut the costs and have an impact. If you know what and how a free Linkedin account can help you, you do not only have strong branding but will also generate solid leads.


Whatever the industry and wherever in the world you are doing business, finding target market through Linkedin is a must. You may raise a point that my startup is a B2C model and I will find more customers on Facebook than Linkedin…… Well, in that case, you may be looking for investors, marketing partners, technology partners or just any other type of strategic partnership… and that’s all what you will get through Linkedin!

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Moreover, many B2C brands use Linkedin as influencer marketing medium to multiply the effect of their efforts on other social media platforms.

To generate business and leads from Linkedin you must:

1- Optimize Your Linkedin Business Profile; it’s your very own appearance that matters before someone looks into the details of your business.

2- Build Linkedin Profile Summary with Call to Action; they should find right on your profile a precise information about what you do.

3- Get Your Linkedin Profile Credible; getting recommendations and appreciation is a great way to show your profile visitors that how credible you are.

4- Give People a Reason to Connect with You over Linkedin; of course you are on Linkedin with a purpose to connect with targeted people, and they should find it interesting to connect with you. You may add up exciting details in the profile or be active in Linkedin groups to get noticed.

5- Grow Your Linkedin Network in Right Direction; it is important to connect with the right people because thousands of irrelevant connections are not going to help at all.

By following the guidelines for each of the above step, you will definitely be able to generate solid leads and more business through Linkedin.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.